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Private and encrypted storage for Bitcoin? SpiderOak gives it a try!

Unfortunately, our testing has now concluded. We had a great response and plan to take bitcoin payment hopefully at the beginning of next year, but will be unable to integrate that into our system at this very moment. If you want a personal email notifying you when it is set up, please email erin[at]spideroak[dot]com. Thanks!



We at SpiderOak believe in privacy. And we believe in always pushing the bounds of privacy further and further into the Internet. To that end, we have made the decision to do a proof-of-concept around accepting Bitcoins as payment for SpiderOak service. As Bitcoin becomes a more ‘mainstream’ method of currency exchange, we thought it only natural to extend it’s concept to SpiderOak as another privacy promoting element.

For this initial test, we will be manually accepting payment for 100GB/1-year accounts. We are conducting this initial test to gauge interest and if the demand is present we will possibly implement an actual API-based Bitcoin payment system. This would of course enable anyone to make payment for their SpiderOak accounts with Bitcoins.

Our Trial Offering: 

  • We offer a total of 25 x 100GB SpiderOak account upgrades for 1 year ($100 value) to customers wishing to use Bitcoin as payment.
  • The cost per 100GB account during this trial period will be 0.75 BTC (a 25% discount vs. Fiat)
  • To purchase a 100GB account upgrade, you need only email for your personal Bitcoin deposit address for the payment. Once payment is made, we will send you an email with an upgrade-code to use for the 100GB upgrade.

Ultimately this is our way of helping to support both the concept of privacy as well as promoting the Bitcoin community by proving that business are indeed taking Bitcoin seriously. We are eager and curious to hear feedback so please feel free to reach out to us anytime with additional reactions or thoughts.