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Benefits to Becoming a SpiderOak Affiliate/Reseller

Would you be surprised to learn that affiliates can make good money? This week, we are re-launching our Affiliate Program and invite you to explore the benefits. It might be for you... A *recent study found that affiliates decide which … [Continue reading]

A Great Evening Focused on Privacy

We're just starting to see the dust settle after hosting the first annual Penetralia Event and wanted to thank all the attendees for their attendance as well as the folks over at Silent Circle for co-hosting and making the evening so special. It is … [Continue reading]

Privacy Roundup #3 of 2013

The third privacy roundup of 2013 is upon us. And much has happened in the security and privacy space. Here at SpiderOak we have certainly been busy between throwing an event around RSA 2013, working on exciting new features for the application … [Continue reading]

Announcing Penetralia: Launch of First-Ever Open Source ‘Zero-Knowledge’ Application Framework

The RSA Conference in San Francisco takes place next week and we will be sponsoring the first annual Penetralia Event with our friends over at Silent Circle, the global encrypted communications service provider. What is Penetralia? The definition … [Continue reading]

SpiderOak’s Cutest Tech Couples Results

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our cutest tech couples contest. We enjoyed everyone's submissions! Valentines Day is about love and we love what our users do for us. Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day. And with no further ado... … [Continue reading]

SpiderOak’s Cutest Tech Couples Contest

Ahh, lovebirds. You know the type. That sickeningly sweet pair featured in our favorite romantic comedies. We at SpiderOak are not known for being matchmakers when it comes to romance, but we'd like to think we found the perfect match between you … [Continue reading]

Privacy Roundup # 2 of 2013

We are back for the second privacy roundup of this new year 2013. And not surprisingly, there are still a flood of privacy issues being talked about and revealed. At SpiderOak we continue the cause by working diligently to improve our overall … [Continue reading]

Now Hiring –> Web Developer!

SpiderOak is interested in hiring a San Francisco-based web developer to help the front-facing web presence around SpiderOak. You will be working closely with our on-staff designers and our CEO to craft the perfect web presence for … [Continue reading]

“How can we turn privacy into a tangible?”

In stride with 2013 as 'The Year of Privacy', SpiderOak launched a 'Zero-Knowledge' Privacy Ambassador (ZKPA) program. We have nine ZKPAs from around the world who we will introduce you to in the coming weeks. Our ZKPAs will help inform and … [Continue reading]

Now Hiring –> Mac Client Engineer

SpiderOak is looking to expand out our development staff for working on driving client development into the future. We are looking for a talented, driven, Python and Objective-C slinging engineer excited to help us push the boundaries of what people … [Continue reading]