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Our Android 2.0 App Release & Testimonial Winners Announced Wednesday

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Because of the enormous response we received during last week's testimonial-100GB giveaway, the five winners will be announced on Wednesday instead of today. Thanks again to everyone who participated! We were so grateful for all of the positive … [Continue reading]

Securing Your Mail From Site to Site

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Many of you know how to secure your email between your mail client and your computer. But if you run your own mail server, did you know you can secure email between servers? Many servers support TLS encryption for outgoing connections, which will … [Continue reading]

Privacy VS. Security in a PRISM: The Important Difference

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The events of these last many days certainly raise awareness around the integrity of data and the companies we entrust with it. Many of the articles and posts have poured over the impacts: the good, the bad, the necessity, the importance, the … [Continue reading]

Privacy Roundup: PRISM Special Edition


May has rolled into June and summer is fast approaching. Originally I had planned for this privacy update to be another collection of somewhat random links regarding the world of security and privacy. And then... We had Thursday. And then PRISM. And … [Continue reading]

Share Why You Love SpiderOak, Enter to Win 100GBs for Life

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Our loyal customers have continually helped us create a better product and develop and grow as a company. It is crucial in our efforts to best serve you. We could not thank you enough. Many of you have reached out to us in the past about why you … [Continue reading]

AMA: Interview with Cryptographer, Computer Security Expert Jon Callas

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Last week, you submitted your questions for Jon Callas, one of  the world’s most respected and brilliant minds when it comes to software security and privacy. We chose five of them, which we sent to Jon. These are his answers. 1. How did you … [Continue reading]

Security, Privacy & Encryption 101 Roundup


As you know, privacy and security is not something we take lightly. In our efforts to help educate our fellow humans on their importance and the role they play in our lives on and offline, we've compiled the below list of recent news, resources and … [Continue reading]

Just Because It’s Encrypted Doesn’t Mean It’s Private


Now that you've got a handle on what encryption is and what it can do, it's important to understand what it can't do. Encryption is a tool, and like any tool, it can be used improperly or ineffectively. It may sound a bit strange for us at … [Continue reading]

Ask American computer security expert, Jon Callas


You know that crazy interview question, "If you could have dinner with any famous person, living or dead, who would it be?" Well, someone the other night answered, Jon Callas. Perhaps there are several of you out there with interest in the … [Continue reading]

Drink Your Ovaltine: Encryption 101

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When it comes to cryptography, there are no experts. It is considered to be a constantly evolving field. If you started learning today, it is accepted that you might see something new in the code, or do something better that lifelong cryptographers … [Continue reading]