Conversations about life & privacy in the digital age

Privacy Roundup #7 of 2013

August is upon us and summer in the northern hemisphere is in full swing. And although it seems like yesterday, news of PRISM broke several months ago and Edward Snowden continues to be firmly in the conversation. Further, the US government has been … [Continue reading]

Explaining SpiderOak Through a Comic

Comic Layout

As employees of a cloud service, we've seen our fair share of puzzled looks when trying to explain what the "cloud" is and how it works. In an effort to amuse ourselves, we've invented an alternate theory of how SpiderOak works. While the real … [Continue reading]

It’s SysAdmin Day: Your Top 10 Linux Hacks for SpiderOak

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Be sure to thank and lavish gifts upon your SysAdmin today. Last week, we asked the Linux community to submit their favorite Linux tips and tricks to share with their fellow SpiderOak users. In honor of sysadmin everywhere, this is the Top 10 … [Continue reading]

SpiderOak 5.0.2 release

We're happy to share some new updates with you. Please find the update on our Downloads page. This 5.0.2 general release includes: Fix a bug causing uncontrolled growth of application data folder during large downloads. Fix a bug allowing … [Continue reading]

Python Web Developer, Kansas City or Remote

SpiderOak seeks to hire a web developer to build our next generation web presence and web applications. You will be working closely with our designers and our CEO, and you'll get regular code feedback from internal application security teams. Key … [Continue reading]

Linux Users: Are You Über Leet? Show Us Your Hacks

cool penguin linux

Leet greetz to all the linux hackers out there. System Administrator Appreciation Day is next week (July 26). Because: SpiderOak has a large number of Linux users (inside and out) The Linux community has long been a do-it-yourself crowd of … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Reasons to Care About Privacy


There has been a lot of discussion around our right to privacy and we at SpiderOak couldn't be happier. We've been talking about it for years! Based on some recent conversations, we thought we'd give you five reason to care about privacy. (1)  … [Continue reading]

Privacy Roundup #6 of 2013


Summer is officially in full swing in the northern hemisphere. For us Americans that means a celebration of fireworks and cookouts and freedom. This year in particular we are thinking a little more about what 'freedom' means in the backdrop of PRISM … [Continue reading]

Restore the Fourth: Secure Your Privacy with 4GBs Free(dom)

restore the fourth

This week we are supporting Restore the Fourth's online efforts to drive awareness and action against unconstitutional digital surveillance. Be sure to join the conversation on Reddit and Twitter via #restorethe4th. In solidarity, we are … [Continue reading]

Announcing the Five 100GB Winners

happy cat

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our testimonial-100GB giveaway last week! THE PROCESS We had 110 entries across email, our blog and social media. We compiled and numbered all of them. Alan - our CTO and co-founder - ran a random … [Continue reading]