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Giving Privacy to the Internet: Developers Meet Crypton

crypton bringing privacy

We believe privacy doesn't have to be a pain. So we've been working hard on Crypton. Now, anyone can easily build cyptographically secure cloud applications with Crypton, a Zero-knowledge framework for Javascript. Last week in The New Yorker, our … [Continue reading]

Pushing on the Open-Source Crypton Effort


After 5 years working on Firefox at Mozilla, last week I began a new adventure at SpiderOak. And whereas I will be working on a wide range of projects, my main focus will be directing the Crypton, open-source project. Earlier this year I read … [Continue reading]

SpiderOak Calls to Reform the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA)

Vanishing Rights Mail-Email-Seriously?!

We all know the Fourth Amendment gives us a right to privacy - making it so the government can only search our home if they have a good reason, and - except in emergencies - a warrant from a judge. Since technology has advanced faster than court … [Continue reading]

State of Online Privacy Survey Results & Discounted GBs


The results are in! We'd like to send a big thanks to the 7,883 respondents of our 2013 State of Privacy survey. We were thrilled to get such a great response. Participants spoke loud and clear. The National Security Agency's spying program has … [Continue reading]

Ubuntu/Debian APT repository GPG key update

Hello Debian friends! The GPG key for our Ubuntu/Debian APT repository expires today. We've created a new key that you can get here: We will have new builds shortly that include the new … [Continue reading]

Ready to Learn & Earn? SpiderOak University is Now Open


Here at SpiderOak, we are always pushing ourselves to learn more. Whether about our 'Zero-Knowledge' privacy policy or the way our SpiderOak client works on your computer, we want to encourage you to learn as well. That is why we have officially … [Continue reading]

SpiderOak University & Interview with a Cybersecurity Expert


This week we opened the doors to SpiderOak University. Anyone can participate and earn extra GBs. We were honored to talk to Richard F. Forno, Ph.D., who has more than 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity field. Dr. Forno helped build the … [Continue reading]

AMA: Interview with International Privacy Consultant JJ Luna

JJ Luna logo

After our popular interview with cryptographer and computer security expert Jon Callas earlier this summer, we wanted to talk to more experts who were publicly passionate about privacy. Meet JJ Luna - an international privacy consultant and author … [Continue reading]

2013 State of Privacy Survey


In an effort to better understand how people like you perceive privacy, we created an eight-question survey for you to share your opinions. We've been collecting thousands of responses over the last two weeks and look forward to publishing the … [Continue reading]

Private and encrypted storage for Bitcoin? SpiderOak gives it a try!


Unfortunately, our testing has now concluded. We had a great response and plan to take bitcoin payment hopefully at the beginning of next year, but will be unable to integrate that into our system at this very moment. If you want a personal email … [Continue reading]