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Regarding Recent Connection Issues (Updated Oct 13)

Final Update: To begin - I need to thank you all again for your patience during the last two weeks. We have worked tirelessly to bring all of your accounts active as quickly and as safely as possible. At this time, all affected user accounts … [Continue reading]

How do YOU use SpiderOak?

At SpiderOak, we see it as our job to not only provide intense security and reliability but also innovation. And to better help us in our pursuit of building a more perfect product, we were wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing information with us … [Continue reading]

Twitter contests here we come!!!

Here at SpiderOak, we are all about providing an innovative and secure online backup, synchronization, and sharing solution in addition to great service to our customers. However, we also have lighter side. With the release of our Sync … [Continue reading]

Thankful Indeed

When starting an Internet business, there can be no knowledge of the type of users you will ultimately attract. Will they be from one part of the world or another? Will they be young or old? Will they have brown hair or blue? Will they wear suits or … [Continue reading]

Hello, Fedora!

Hello everyone! After fighting with KVM, Fedora Core 10, namely bug #475598, spots where RPM's macro behavior doesn't *quite* match the RPM guide, a miscompiling GCC, and a mis-named libssl in a pear tree, we have some hot fresh RPMs that you … [Continue reading]

Loving the burrito…

I have been eating a lot of burritos lately and decided that it is fastly becoming my favorite food. There is nothing more tangible - wrapping your hands around the warm tortilla shell packed tightly with rice and beans (always 'mashed' or refried as … [Continue reading]

Schedule Maintenance/Upgrade – Friday 2 pm – 6 pm CST

I wanted to send out a quick follow-up notification to our users - alerting you all that we will be performing a schedule maintenance/upgrade for 4 hours on Friday the 6th from 2 pm to 6 pm CST. It is important to note that this outage will not … [Continue reading]

SpiderOak v2.3 beta: New Command Line Interface

Recognizing that the command line interface lacked some capabilities compared to the GUI, we've given it a full makeover as the central improvement in 2.3. We've also added a folder changelog feature that lets you see exactly how a folder changed … [Continue reading]

Building a Server

Most companies pay a lot of money to have have third-parties build and maintain their storage infrastructure, often at an enormous markup beyond the cost of the hardware. At SpiderOak, they do things a little bit... differently. They have me. A big … [Continue reading]

What does i_ m__n __ __v_r _____ ___ ____ ____ ___c_?

We have been getting a lot of questions lately about our block level de-duplication, how it works, and how it is applied through the SpiderOak process. As I consider myself to be layman, please allow me to explain this in more simplistic terms - such … [Continue reading]