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An Erlang/OTP SSL proxy and load balancer for Python Twisted’s Perspective Broker

(If the above sounds like gibberish to you, you're probably not a programmer and this post won't be very interesting.) SpiderOak clients maintain a SSL connection to a Python Twisted Perspective Broker service to coordinate their actions with the … [Continue reading]

Announcement: We’re now selling storage à la carte via HTTPS

Update: SpiderOak DIY service has been discontinued, and is being replaced by the our new storage service which is a new work based on everything we learned from DIY and our previous internal storage projects. It is also open source, with a … [Continue reading]

ShareRoom Embedding

We've had a lot of requests for a simple code snippet you can use to add a login form for ShareRooms to your own website. Well, we've come up with something for you! Just copy the HTML code below and paste it into your website or blog. It couldn't be … [Continue reading]

Feeling disconnected? This is why.

If you're having connection problems from the SpiderOak client, the solution is to upgrade to version 3.6.9658 or later. ... because 3 years ago when we launched SpiderOak I generated the SpiderOak SSL certificates that the SpiderOak client uses to … [Continue reading]

Single File Sharing

A few months ago we posted a blog listing some new features that we planned of implementing. Among them was the ability to share just a single file - a feature we had not previously included with the sharing functionality. A good many responses came … [Continue reading]

Upgraded ZIP Functionality for Web Access

We've upgraded the zip download in our web shares and web login, and it now creates ZIP64 archives (also sometimes referred to as version 4.5 archives). ZIP64 allows us to create archives with more than 65535 files and archives larger than … [Continue reading]

Welcome to the New Blog

If you're here visiting our blog in person (hello to all our RSS readers out there!), you'll notice we've changed things up. Our blog has a whole new look, and behind the scenes we've changed how things work to make blogging easier on us. Our new … [Continue reading]

User Signups Fixed

If you tried to sign up for a new account, add a device, or reinstall a device in the last day, you probably ran into the dreaded "502 Bad Gateway" error. After a routine upgrade, our new user process stopped working and unfortunately, due to … [Continue reading]

Dramatic Discovery of New Interpretive Compression Algorithm

Here at SpiderOak, we're always excited about giving back to the community. In the development of SpiderOak, we've contributed a number of our internal projects as open source releases. None of those projects had us quite as excited as our latest … [Continue reading]

Improve Productivity and Health by Relocating your Chair

A few months ago I started standing during my working day. The center of the 30" display is at eye level, with the keyboard and trackball slightly above hip level. Motivation I've read that sitting throughout the day (with your upper body … [Continue reading]