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A True Story about iPods, Audio Books, Automatic Weapons, Swat Teams and … Design of Technology

My friend Harry told me a story the other day. It's an incredible story, but true. Harry is convinced that his story should be told to others as a cautionary tale, but he's too embarrassed to tell it himself. So with the names and some details … [Continue reading]

SpiderOak is growing and looking for remote help in engineering and customer service

SpiderOak is growing and we are looking to add new members to our team. SpiderOak is a distributed, virtual company - we all set our own work schedule and work from home, coffee shops, or anywhere that can provide a stable Internet connection … [Continue reading]

Finally here – SpiderOak Android 1.0 Application released!

We at SpiderOak are very proud and excited to finally announce the launch of our SpiderOak Android app; SpiderOak Android 1.0. The launch represents the official release of our second mobile client and gives our customers yet another way of … [Continue reading]

FBI Wants Your SpiderOak Data; North Korean Hackers Steeple Fingers in Anticipation

The FBI is again looking to circumvent cryptography to expand their wiretapping capabilities. They want to require that all service providers (like SpiderOak) give them a back door to encrypted communications. To be clear, we have not, nor will we … [Continue reading]

Looking to hack on Android?

Hello everyone, It's been getting kind of hectic around here as we expand out in MobileSpace, and we're looking for someone who can take lead on Android and/or BlackBerry development at SpiderOak. If you're capable of programming for Android and/or … [Continue reading]

SpiderOak DIY: A space efficient key/value store for arbitrarily large values. Now in beta.

Update: SpiderOak DIY service has been discontinued, and is being replaced by the our new storage service which is a new work based on everything we learned from DIY and our previous internal storage projects. It is also open source, with a … [Continue reading]

Mac OS X cats VS. The Linux animals – The Aftermath..

WOW! I just want to start off by thanking our fantastic blog audience and customers for all the fun answers, good time banter, support and link-love our recent 'Who would win in a struggle between all the Mac OS X cats and all the Linux animals?' … [Continue reading]

New GPG key for Ubuntu/Debian repositories

Hello to our Debian and Ubuntu users. Our signing repository key has expired, and so new packages for these platforms are in place to rectify this. Users on these platforms will need to use one of the following two procedures for automatic package … [Continue reading]

Who would win in a struggle between all the Mac OS X cats and all the Linux animals?

I just hope they've backed up their data; this is about to get messy. Here's the layered tiff if you want to play around.. and the 1920x699 jpeg EDIT; here is a 2.2MB .rar package of high-res desktop-backgrounds featuring the image for single and … [Continue reading]

Does privacy really matter? To you? To Google?

I feel as though every couple of months a friend forwards me a story about the importance of privacy in this digital age upon which we live. And like clockwork, I received the following post the other day. If you have a brief moment, please give it a … [Continue reading]