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SpiderOak announces new Kansas City Facilities

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SpiderOak moves from the Data Center to users basements thanks to Google Gigabit Kansas City, Kansas - Thu, 31 Mar 2011 18:13:37 -0600 - New broadband network's first project is collaboration between Residents and … [Continue reading]

Eric, Brian, and World Backup Day for Everyone!

On March 31, as part of the global data-saving initiative, we encourage you to back up all of your cherished photos and videos, and important documents. It definitely isn't hard to back up your data, and it is certainly a move you won't regret. We … [Continue reading]

Reddit, World Backup Day, SpiderOak, March 31st and the power of Social Media

It started as a single thread from the user adamjeff on the well known forum/news site (here). Over the next few days through reddit's messaging system, email, twitter, facebook and word of mouth, the 'idea' behind World Backup Day was … [Continue reading]

Create a SpiderOak T-Shirt and Get Money and a FREE 100GB Account!

Calling all creative minds! We at SpiderOak are looking for your help. For many months now we have thought about creating new T-shirts for the company. And in our constant efforts to make SpiderOak a pleasant experience for you, we … [Continue reading]

WHAAAAT? Unlimited storage for $4.99 a month not a viable business model?

In the wake of the news that Mozy is scrapping their 'Unlimited' data plans , I figured it would be apropos to write a post on: a) the reasoning behind why we at SpiderOak do not offer unlimited data plans; and b) why we believed early on that it was … [Continue reading]

iOS Mobile Client 1.2 Released! Improvements Abound and iPad Support!

With our new Mobile development team in full swing, we are proud to present Version 1.2 of the SpiderOak iOS app for iPhone and iPad! SpiderOak for iOS is available right now in the App Store for FREE! The new version comes with improvements in … [Continue reading]

SpiderOak Android ver 1.1 in the wild!

With lessons learned and a new Mobile development crew in place, we proudly announce the new Android client: SpiderOak Android Version 1.1. The new client features improvements in stability, speed, and several added features such as improved folder … [Continue reading]

FBI Wants Your Data, part Deux

In a previous post, Chip discussed a recent FBI drive for encryption backdoors. It looks like they're at it again. Basically, the WSJ article linked to above details how in the New Information Society information is power, and many countries are … [Continue reading]

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey, or How to Gracefully Compensate for an Incorrectly Set Clock

Part of being a good sysadmin is being flexible. Quite often when something breaks you're solving a new problem, and the developers, users, and management turn to you to find a solution. One day you'll be sorting out IP misconfiguration, the other … [Continue reading]

SpiderOak, Free Games and Poetry to round off the year!

It's about that time of the year when people - for various reasons - feel the desire to spend their hard earned money on gifts for their loved ones, colleges, spouses and children. Here at SpiderOak - being the sort of people that like to dive … [Continue reading]