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Now hiring: white label engineer

EDIT We've found someone, and this position is now closed. Thanks for everyone who applied! We're looking for an energetic hacker to join us to support our partnerships / white labeling product engineering. On any given day, you'll be working with … [Continue reading]

SpiderOak’s new Amazon S3 alternative is half the cost and open source

As 37signals famously described, in the software business we almost always create valuable byproducts. To build a privacy-respecting backup and sync service that was affordable, we also had to build a world class long term archival storage … [Continue reading]

Building Stuff From Kits

I grew up with the idea of making things. Homer Price building radios; old science fiction guys building space drives in their basements. The feeling expressed in Cory Doctorow's Makers. I've never built much myself. We didn't have Legos when I grew … [Continue reading]

Some perspective

Taking full advantage of the ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection, I've been living it up in London recently. I'm sharing a space much smaller than I'm used to with my girlfriend while I'm here, so I've been leaving to work from … [Continue reading]

An Ode to GoPro

What is a GoPro? It is a camera you can wear. It is a camera you can mount. A GoPro can be used for videos as well as pictures. It is a tiny camera with its own underwater housing that can fit into almost anything and capture any type of footage. … [Continue reading]

Hurricane Irene – Never too late to Backup

Growing up I knew a wonderfully warm woman named Irene. She was the mother of one of my good friends and was the only adult - other than my aunts and uncles - who I called by her first name. She always had cookies and a glass of milk waiting on those … [Continue reading]

Dropping DropBox: A Relocation Guide

If you have recently switched from DropBox to SpiderOak, we'd like to take a few moments to welcome you to the secure side of backup. We know that switching backup providers can be a lot like moving to a new place. It can be exciting and maybe a … [Continue reading]

The Garfleburgers of Spalagnatz IV

"Do you remember the garfleburgers of Spalagnatz IV? No, I guess you probably don't. Even nowadays putting a brain in a tin can is a tricky procedure, and it was downright dangerous when you were transcribed. I'm sure a lot of good memories got lost … [Continue reading]

Do Not Track

I remember the chills that ran up my spine and the quickening of my heartbeat when I realized someone was following me in the grocery store. It was an initial exchange of smiles in the produce section that turned into multiple disturbing encounters … [Continue reading]

Partnership Programs – How do you know when the fit is right?

It is hard to believe that it has been almost 1 year since I joined the SpiderOak team. When I was brought on, one of my responsibilities was to oversee our White Label Program, coordinating everything from the initial sales inquiry all the way … [Continue reading]