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Guest Post: Can you trust a VPN to protect your privacy?

ivpn hops

Privacy by policy vs. privacy by design: At SpiderOak we always preach privacy by design, we don't *choose* to not see your data, we just *can't*. Sadly, a lot of online services cannot take on that philosophy, simply because of how the internet … [Continue reading]

VPN, privacy and anonymity

Connecting to a web server with VPN

There is a common misconception when it comes to anonymity and privacy for users and VPNs that we felt we should try to clarify. When the goal for a user is to handle all their things as private as possible, or be completely anonymous, the most … [Continue reading]

“GB for Life for a TIP You Recite”: Share Your Privacy Tips, Earn Free GBs

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**Thanks for submitting your tips! This promotion is now closed as of Sunday Jan. 26. Get 28% off yearly plans until the end of Jan.** No one is better at protecting their online privacy than SpiderOak users. Our users are some of the best privacy … [Continue reading]

SpiderOak to Become OSS & More: What to Expect From Us in 2014 (PART I)

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To kick off the New Year, we asked our followers on Twitter what they wanted to see from us in 2014. Our CTO and Co-Founder Alan Fairless specifically addresses everyone who sent in their request, below. In Part II, our CEO Ethan Oberman will share … [Continue reading]

Release Updates: 5.1.1, iOS & Android Hybrid HTML5 mobile client v 2.9.0


Later this week we will share what else you can expect from us in 2014; but for now, here is our most recent release updates. Thanks for your support! You can now download SpiderOak Orange General Release 5.1.1, featuring auto-proxy-configuration, … [Continue reading]

And Now: a SpiderOak Video Singalong (12 Days of Privacy)

12 Days of Privacy SpiderOak

"On the 12th Day of Privacy, SpiderOak gave to me...." For those of you who would like to see a slightly embarrassing and quite silly compilation of SpiderOakers singing what we've deemed The 12 Days of Privacy*, then this is for you! We have more … [Continue reading]

Privacy: The Year and the Word


You can imagine how tickled we were yesterday when named 'Privacy' the word of the year. They wrote, "The discussion of privacy - what it is and what it isn't - embodies the preeminent concerns of 2013." Not to toot our own horn … [Continue reading]

12 Days of Privacy: 25% Off!

12 Days of Privacy

On the fifth day of Privacy SpiderOak gave to me: 25% off!! On December 13, we introduced the 12 Days of Privacy* – sung to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas. We hope to share with you what the 12 Days of Privacy means to us with this … [Continue reading]

12 Days of Privacy: 4 ‘Zero-Knowledge’

12 Days of Privacy

    On the fourth day of Privacy SpiderOak gave to me: 4 'Zero-Knowledge'  On December 13, we introduced the 12 Days of Privacy* - sung to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas. We hope to share with you what the 12 Days of … [Continue reading]

The Crypto-Think & The 12 Days of Privacy

CryptoThink 2013

At the beginning of the year, we predicted that 2013 was going to be "The Year of Privacy." It's been amazing to watch privacy take the forefront in national and international debates as well as have growing attention and importance in the online … [Continue reading]