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SpiderOak scaling back Refer-A-Friend program

When we at SpiderOak started our industry leading 50 GB Refer-A-Friend program back in May of 2011, we hoped that it was something that our most dedicated users would see as an opportunity to spread the word about SpiderOak as well as enjoy more … [Continue reading]

A Little About Our Freedom Photo Contest Winner

We had a fantastic number of contestants. The photographic interpretation of freedom was interestingly wide. As suspected, it means something slightly different to all of us. The freedom photo contest allowed the important creative talent to shine … [Continue reading]

Why Should SpiderOak Choose You to Go Into the Clouds?

It's that time of year again. Very soon the birds will start their migration toward snowbound northern cities, the first buds of spring will sprout on trees. At the same time, hordes of college students will descend on the beaches of Mexico, the … [Continue reading]

What Does Freedom Mean To You As A Cloud User?

There's been plenty of talk surrounding The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). This bill had the consequence of allowing the US Government to 'police' the Internet and restrict peoples freedom to share content with others. We at SpiderOak - like many of … [Continue reading]

New Expansion Ahoy!

If you've been using SpiderOak lately, you might have noticed that it's been a bit... sluggish. A small portion of our users have been impacted by our recent expansion efforts. We do greatly apologize for the inconvenience. The good news is that we … [Continue reading]

How does SpiderOak use SpiderOak? – Part 4

Michael Crane, UI/UX & QA I am often switching between my Mac, PC and Linux machines when I am testing features in SpiderOak across multiple platforms. For this, I love using the folder sync feature in SpiderOak so I can test multiple types of … [Continue reading]

How does SpiderOak use SpiderOak? – Part 3

Jovan Washington, Web Communications Coordinator Hi everyone! I want to formally introduce myself and let you know how I use SpiderOak. First, let me explain a little about what I do here. My official title is Web Communications Coordinator. I work … [Continue reading]

How does SpiderOak use SpiderOak? – Part 2

Matthew Erickson, Director of Programming My last job involved a lot of sensitive satellite data from various governments around the world. I used SpiderOak to securely backup and sync this data between my laptop and my workstation. I also used the … [Continue reading]

How does SpiderOak use SpiderOak?

'Practice what you preach,' a common response to what is seen as empty boasting. In asking ourselves how we use SpiderOak, we think you'll find some interesting insight into how the makers of SpiderOak use their own product. We don't just talk a … [Continue reading]

New Browser-Based Signup Process & Maintaining ‘Zero-Knowledge’ Privacy

One of the things that has always made SpiderOak unique is our 'Zero-Knowledge' privacy policy. 'Zero-Knowledge' means no one at SpiderOak has the ability to access your data - ever. Even if we wanted to access your data or received a subpoena to do … [Continue reading]