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SpiderOak announces new Kansas City Facilities


SpiderOak moves from the Data Center to users basements thanks to Google Gigabit

Kansas City, Kansas – Thu, 31 Mar 2011 18:13:37 -0600 – New broadband network’s first project is collaboration between Residents and Businesses

SpiderOak has unveiled a new strategy today for its data storage infrastructure. In always searching for new techniques to further the implementation of available technology while also saving money related to the high cost of infrastructure roll out, we have found a way for everyone to win. Our next storage nodes will be installed in resident’s homes in Kansas City, Kansas – connected via Google’s new Gigabit network.

Google has announced this week that they have chose Kansas City, Kansas to host their highly anticipated Gigabit, Fiber-to-the-Home network; naturally, SpiderOak is jumping on board to take advantage of these services. SpiderOak has been looking to add storage nodes throughout the Midwest and given the concentration of SpiderOak employees in Kansas City, Kansas it seemed like a perfect fit. SpiderOak is now able to bring these services all together under one shingled roof (or many as the case may be).

Unfinished basement, perfect for your run of the mill SAN

Unfinished basement, perfect for your run of the mill SAN

SpiderOak will offer to install a storage node in basements, garages, family rooms, or kitchens of residences. In exchange, SpiderOak will pay the installation fees and the broadband connection for as long as the homeowner wishes to remain a host family. The storage node – traditionally a full 42U rack filled with 10 CPUs and several hundred hard disks – is capable of storing 500TB of data. As an additional courtesy, SpiderOak will allow unlimited backups to the host family. The resident may occasionally be asked to swap out a hard drive if they see a blinking red light for which they will receive a $50 cash bonus.

As part of the community outreach portion of the project, SpiderOak will give first opportunities to participate to low income households. If necessary, home improvements such as roofing work, air conditioning upgrades, and flooring reinforcements will be provided. Additionally, research is being conducted into using excess heat for alternative uses such as a griddle for making pancakes and scrambled eggs. An optional rack-mount litter box allows every member of the family to take interest in the program. Lastly, a medium sized rack is available to add countertop space to your kitchen.

The Medium size node is perfect for kitchens, or can be used as an end table to your couch.

This is the Medium size node, available for residences with floor joists that do not support the full rack’s 2400lb weight.

Google’s new ultra-high speed broadband network will give end users access at speeds 100 times faster than what is currently available. In addition to a faster web browsing experience, the project aims to create an environment that fosters innovation – bringing new products and services to the web. Little did they know the innovation on top of the innovation that would happen to occur.

As part of SpiderOak’s standard growth procedures, we are adding storage clusters to different geographical regions. Our current focus has been to add facilities in the Midwest. At this stage, we have looked at data centers throughout Kansas City, Kansas but they involve relatively high costs to implement and sustain service. Many options are available in the market but we have always been searching for new and creative techniques to deploy infrastructure.

You can always put it in your garage, next to your Craftsman tool box.

You can always put it in your garage, next to your Craftsman tool box.

SpiderOak provides backup solutions to the cloud using zero-knowledge methods. They worship Ben Franklin for saying that “Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”

Google is a secret project to have fun and disguise it as doing work. Their main veil to end users is a search engine; to businesses, it’s advertising.

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Unfinished basement: