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How does SpiderOak use SpiderOak? – Part 4

Michael Crane, UI/UX & QA

I am often switching between my Mac, PC and Linux machines when I am testing features in SpiderOak across multiple platforms. For this, I love using the folder sync feature in SpiderOak so I can test multiple types of files. As I don’t often have the same types of files on all my machines, I set up one universal folder on all machines to set up a direct file sharing system for myself. Since I can use any folder, and any name, I name the folder by the operating system on each machine so I don’t get confused.

Sharing is great with SpiderOak. I can create share folders with work related documents and share the folder with my colleagues. Those files are often updated and sometimes saved as a new file on my machine, version history is great for this behavioral habit flaw of mine. I can check in my SpiderOak client to see which file was edited most recently as well as see how many historical revisions there are of the document. If there are several versions (marked with the number of revisions in parenthesis), chances are that’s the most up to date file, versus a file with no revisions from awhile back that was probably abandoned.

Select the file, click the ‘Share File’ button [www], send that link off to a colleague. Done and done.