Announcing CrossClave 14


Iteration is a key to software development. You start somewhere, evaluate where you’re at, decide what to do next, and then go do it. Then you come back and evaluate again and decide how to make it better. This is something that everyone at SpiderOak tries very hard to do.

Over the past year, we’ve spent a lot of time iterating on CrossClave. This started when we decided to pursue a mobile-first strategy. For those of you on the outside looking in, this may seem kind of funny. (You don’t even have an iOS app! C’mon SpiderOak!) But for us on the inside this was a paradigm shift that has influenced everything we’ve done in the development of CrossClave. Making the mobile devices a first-class citizen is part of this, but we want to make the experience of using CrossClave for work on your phone really outstanding.

CrossClave: File Interaction

Another important paradigm shift was deciding to take on the large and difficult task of changing the way we interact with files. Building a cloud-based file system is not for the faint of heart. The design and development teams spent a lot of time together developing ideas and prototypes to help make CrossClave more useful for people who are collaborating on files. It doesn’t matter if you’re working from your desktop or on your mobile device, working with files in CrossClave should be intuitive and easy to do.

Getting started with CrossClave is another area where we’ve spent a lot of time and effort iterating. The onboarding experience is essential for any app. The security needs of an app like CrossClave that is designed to be deployed in different environments means onboarding has been a challenge. This summer we really focused on it.

Getting Started with CrossClave

The getting started experience is about both helping you set up your account, as well as making it easy for you to set up a subscription. I know that might sound like we’re just in this for the money, but there’s a more important message here. We want to make sure that people know this is a service that has legs. This isn’t an experiment that could go away at any time, and it isn’t a startup pipe dream that will suddenly disappear. CrossClave is an application that we will continue to put years of effort into. We want it to be a key component in the important work that people around the globe do.

We want to make security, especially security around collaboration, something that’s easy. You don’t need to understand Public Key Infrastructure or how cryptography and encryption works. You don’t need to be an expert in blockchain or what a distributed ledger is. The value we provide is using cutting edge technology to keep your files, chats, and video calls secure and safe, and do it in a way that lets you work in a way that feel familiar. No messing with key pairs, no decrypting blobs on the command line. You get the benefits of our security and privacy work in a way the enables you to just do your work.

Today we’re excited to announce CrossClave 14. It includes both a new onboarding experience and a new file experience. We’re working very hard on a new iOS experience as well. For those of you on Android we hope you’ll see all of the changes we’ve made in the last few months, and the way that the Android experience is significantly improved.

I could give you a list of all the changes, but I’m not going to do that. If you’re interested in learning more about the specifics of our releases this month please see our release notes. They are filled with detailed explanations of what we’ve released, the new features, and the bug fixes.

What we want to say to you today is that we are here for the long run. CrossClave is the future of SpiderOak. We want to make sure this application helps you to do your work, whatever that may be. The most important feedback we can get are from people who actually use CrossClave. Please tell us your feedback, wishlist for new features, or anything else you want us to know. We’re always available at

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