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Announcing the Five 100GB Winners

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our testimonial-100GB giveaway last week!


We had 110 entries across email, our blog and social media. We compiled and numbered all of them. Alan – our CTO and co-founder – ran a random number generation query and that is how we arrived at our five 100GB for life account winners.


  1. Exatto  (email)
  2. Justin M. (Google+)
  3. GM (blog)
  4. Tracy D. (email)
  5. Irving G. (Google+)

If you’ve won and haven’t heard from us, please email us at  with your username to claim your 100GBs.


Next month, we are updating the testimonials on our website. We’d love to use some of your submissions along with a real photo (with your permission). We will contact you if your testimonial is chosen and offer you 50GBs for life as a thank you.

High fives and tidal waves of gratitude from the SpiderOak team!


  1. You can use mine for certain. 50Gigs seems just about the right price – can’t wait to hear ;-)
    Shall I do the photo or will you send someone?

    Congrats on the campaign – hope it was a success!

  2. Bryanp says:

    I didn’t submit a testimonial for the contest, but I may feel obligated to write one up anyway if you guys would like. Just let me know where to put/send it and if I get the time to write one up I sure will. I love the service and am glad I’ve been using it for years, especially with the recent NSA rumors floating around.

  3. Zoose says:

    I will Try again. would be awesome to point some one to the testimonials when i recomend folks, and my mug is on the page….:)

  4. Joshua Tan says:

    Thanks for the promotion. If you would like to run my testimonial, let me know, I will take a nice photo for you.

  5. Not too many please says:

    It’s nice to see such lucky draws, but please do not make them an annual (or more frequent) affair. Paying subscribers like me do realize that these free accounts are paid with our money, which could instead have gone into improving the service and bringing in price reductions across the board for all customers.

    The already present free GBs for signup and referrals are subsidy enough.

  6. Fridolin Mint says:

    I still just want my 5GB, which I never got. :(