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Privacy Roundup # 2 of 2013

We are back for the second privacy roundup of this new year 2013. And not surprisingly, there are still a flood of privacy issues being talked about and revealed.

At SpiderOak we continue the cause by working diligently to improve our overall service offering, build new and exciting features (including a new mobile application, a ‘SpiderOak Folder’ which will closely resemble a dropbox but private, and increased OS integration – all which will be launched this month) and planning an innovative new event around the RSA conference in San Francisco on February 25th. Actually – at the event we will be unveiling a new ‘zero-knowledge’ application framework that will push privacy further into the web.

More on all of these wonderful new topics to come. Back to the main focus of this post, please find a few stories that caught our eye and are around the topic so dear to our hearts – privacy. Enjoy and – as always – please feel free to send thoughts / ideas / reactions!

The Creepy Details of Facebook’s New Graph Search

Yes, U.S. authorities can spy on EU cloud data. Here’s how

Google Will Fight Government Over Access To Your Emails

Path fined $800,000 by FTC over iOS privacy breach

FTC calls on Apple, Google, Microsoft and BlackBerry to improve mobile privacy disclosures

Are You Guilty of Oversharenting? Why We Owe Our Kids Online Privacy.

In closing with a quote: “The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.” – Sarah Connor, Terminator 2


  1. Unhappy SO User says:

    Ethan, it is great that SpiderOak is " working diligently to improve our overall service offering, build new and exciting features", because so far it has not been a good product. It SOUNDS great, and that's why I've been stayed with it for almost 2 years now. But it does not work more time than it does. And no, emailing your customer support with every single issue, and waiting to hear from them (within unspecified time period, but rarely less than 24 hours) is not a solution for ongoing problems. The SO Forum is a big joke, since most of your staff's contributions are "Have you emailed our support?". I've been offered to cancel and get a refund a couple of times, but I'd rather see your product work, for the benefit of both sides. But I think my patience is running really thin at this point… especially against the background of more and more self-congratulatory cheering coming from SO.