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PowerPC Mac Users: ATTENTION!

In the past three months, 0.13% of the SpiderOak clients that have logged in have done so from a PowerPC system. We certainly have every expectation that this percentage will continue its slow decline.

It is rather sad, but unfortunately maintaining SpiderOak’s evolving functionality along with support for the PowerPC version is an increasingly taxing proposition especially given the complete lack of support from Apple.

Given the above, we are officially (albeit sadly) canceling support for the PowerPC with our next release. We do not have plans to completely strip out the specific PowerPC code immediately and we will definitely let you all know when we are making changes that we know explicitly will break PowerPC support.

We do apologize to you 0.13% (you know who you are) and thank you for your understanding. We will be happy to answer any questions or thoughts you may have in the comments.


  1. Mauro says:

    Sorry to hear that. Think that not only Mac uses PPC, also BSD (Net, Free and Open), Linux and some minor systems (mostly based upon others).
    I'm still using my developing machine (Mac Mini G4 :) ) and it gives me great developing moments every day.

    Hope PPC would arise once again, look at – saving some differences – PS3 and XBOX. Both use a branch of PPC…

  2. Jmt says:

    It was mentioned a while back that the client would eventually be open sourced. Allowing the PowerPC folks to work on supporting their architecture is certainly another compelling reason to go forward with those plans.

  3. Tilman Baumann says:

    I'm one of the 0.13%. (Or all of them)

    I just clarified with @SpiderOak. They will continue to build PPC updates. Just not support them. I can live with that.
    Much better treatment than from other software vendors.

  4. gremar says:

    Sad to hear, but I guess it is Apple's fault as they created the 'drop the old' culture. Due to my job I have all the mac models, but my old 2.0 Ghz G5 is the best of all my boxes for development. More than 150 days of uptime doing development for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and AIX, a pity I have to turn to the intel macs for iPhone and iPad development. Of course I use a proper keyboard and mouse. ;-)

  5. gremar says:

    Oh, I forgot to say: TextWrangler forever!

  6. PowerMac4Ever says:

    Sorry to hear that. Keep in mind that PowerPC Macs were so well made, that they still will be around for a lot of years. I have an Intel iMac (2008) and it is broke already, flikering screen and noisy fans. So I don't use it to often. That's why I use my older Powermac MDD 867 DP most of the time – although it was released in 2002, it is still very powerful and works fast and smooth. Sometimes I used the new iMac of my son and i must say: it isn't any faster than my good old Powermac. I am planning to use my machine for much more years.

  7. anon coward says:

    Please follow through with your stated intentions to open source the client, there ought to be no delay – you will establish more trust, allow the community to engage and support itself, and create a richer experience for everyone who wishes to participate. I am excited to see what spideroak has created, though the lack of an open source client and no ability to be run on BSD systems means I will hold on to my backups for a little while longer. Please help :)

  8. Doctor Clipart says:

    Thanks for keeping the code in, Apple may have discovered how to make huge pots of money through concentrating entirely on the consumer market but the planned obsolescence and mandatory software hardware leapfrogging is downright discusting. There is nothing wrong with my G5 apart from it being abandoned by software developers, which has effectively crippled it. New boxes wont run old sofrware, old boxes won.t run new applications, which often don.t perform old software tasks in spite of the glossier gui codewasting.

    ANY slowing down of this hideous, wasteful consumerism is gratefully appreciated.