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The first Privacy Roundup of 2013

Another year has passed and we are ushering in another year of technological breakthroughs, computer crashes, storage problems and of course security and privacy issues. Fortuitous then that we bring you the first privacy roundup of the new year, filled with informative and interesting news from around our globe.

As usual you will find a wealth of information on privacy and security below, and just like always we look forward to your feedback.

Facebook chose Bing over Google because of privacy concerns

At Disney Parks, a Bracelet Meant to Build Loyalty (and Sales)

Chips off the old block;
Tracking children has never been easier. Nice for parents, not for privacy

Yahoo! Mail makes HTTPS available.

Silent Circle Adds Android For Encrypted Voice And Video Calls.

After a year in the grave, can SOPA and Protect IP return?

As always, Live long and Prosper!