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Privacy Roundup – Holiday Edition

In time for the Holiday Season we bring you the 4th edition of our ‘Privacy Roundup’. We are happy to report that the end of 2012 has brought with it a focus on privacy in Washington and can only hope it is a sign for things to come in the new year. In the meantime – however – here is another list of advice, news, tips and tricks to help you stay on the path to privacy as we enter 2013.

Presented below are the most eye opening and informative writings on the topic of online privacy over the last few weeks:


On Privacy: It’s Not What I’m Hiding (Or Not Hiding) That Matters

Technology built into mannequins helping stores track customers

It’s Time to Modernize our Privacy Law

Hacker locates John McAfee through smartphone tracks

Get Ready for Ads that Follow You from One Device to the Next

Black boxes in cars raise privacy concerns

Trust you all will have a wonderful & happy Holiday Season and looking forward to continuing the dialog.

Until then and in the slightly altered words of Ron Burgundy – “Stay ‘private’ my friends…”


  1. Ryan D. Lang says:

    I'm not surprise to here hackers are tracking John McAfee. Rumor has it that he is a popular target, having to take extreme measures to approach any kind of privacy. (e.g. "…changes his IP address several times a day." – )

  2. Michael says:

    How about making a PIN for the app, like you promised a year ago. I cannot understand why it's so hard to make, when many other apps made from one update to the other, very easy to add! Please secure this asap if you wanna boast of being the most secure online storage.

  3. Mitch says:

    I'd like to be able to use keyfiles, such as an mp3 file, to strengthen my SpiderOak account password. Similar to what TrueCrypt allows. That way even if someone, somehow, got ahold of the entire SpiderOak database, they could run all the brute force password attacks they want, but it would do them no good because they're missing the customer's locally stored keyfiles.

  4. Faisal says:

    Hi Michael and Mitch,

    I apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused. We do value all feedback and your feedback is what makes us get better. That being said, this year will be a year of BIG SpiderOak changes. While I cannot say much, we are revamping our mobile apps, and bringing sweet new features to our desktop client that will satisfy a lot of our users.

    We hope we can keep your loyalty, and feel free to reach out if we can be of help.