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Announcing the winners of our Halloween Photo Caption Contest: ‘Your Online Privacy’

It was hard for our team to choose three winners from last week’s Halloween Photo Caption Contest around the theme ‘Your Online Privacy.’ We’re happy to announce the top three that we felt best fit the criteria:

#1 New iPad mini: Stephanie

“This is Zara. She used to be a regular human being before her online privacy was invaded by third parties like Google. SpiderOak can help protect you from falling into their traps. Save your souls… and your brains. Get SpiderOak.”

#2 Free 100 GB: Jon

“Even after eating your brains she won’t be able to get into your SpiderOak account. SpiderOak. Sync. Share. Access. Backup. Zombie Protection.”

#3 SpiderOak T-shirt: Keith

“One of many SpiderOak system administrators. (Thank goodness for Zero-Knowledge privacy!)”

Thanks again to everyone to joined us for the contest and above all for your vigilance around online privacy.

Keep an eye out: this coming month we will offer a special deal on storage, launch our new Zero-Knowledge Ambassador program, reveal customer testimonials and continue to highlight the importance of privacy.


  1. mc78london says:

    Frankly, which are the criteria you used to choose the winners?They did not receive likes on Facebook as far as I can see, not even that much of originality too, it seems just you wanted a promotional with the word ZOMBIES within or about, not even in the spirit oh Halloween.
    Not complaining for your impressive services, you are the best, but here you did wrong, this is my opinion. I usually never complain almost about nothing, this is one of the few times, just to let you know.
    SpiderOak's services: ABSOLUTE WINNER
    SpiderOak's sense of artistic humour:ZERO KNOWLEDGE, truly.
    (BTW, mine was this:
    Zombies want you to bite and hackers just your bytes, but Spideroak will protect your data despite. Trick or treat, key-logger or click, whatever may scare you a bit, Spideroak's zero knowledge will take care of it!
    Now try to say it wasn't a good one, and I'm even not native English)

  2. Matt says:

    Completely agree. The winners didn't make the best use of all the media available (blog, facebook and twitter), didn't receive the most likes or retweets and most importantly (although this is subjective) the captions did not stand out to overcome the lack on the first two points.

    There were at least three users, whose captions were at the same level or better, but who made way better use of the media available, which was clearly stated by the instructions as being very important to stand out in the contest.

  3. mc78london says:

    Thanks Matt for your opinion too, personally I wanted the 100gb, maybe mine wasn't the best but I think it was worthy to try.. they could have put something like 50 gb for the 4th place and so on… by the way, it's their choice.