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Halloween Photo Caption Contest: Win a New iPad mini

For those who value privacy and use SpiderOak, one of the scariest things they can think of is their personal information, files or data floating around online*, vulnerable to eyes other than their own. Yikes. No thanks.

So to rid ourselves of the heeby-jeebies, let’s have some fun over the next three days:

WHAT (was that noise?!):

Halloween photo caption contest (see photo below)


‘Your online privacy’: All submitted captions entered to win must be relevant to this theme


Contest ends Oct. 31 @ Midnight CT

WHERE (wolves?):

Comment on our Facebook page // Tweet your caption to @SpiderOak on Twitter, using the hashtag #iPadContest // Comment on this blog post below (It doesn’t have to be all three, but the more you spread it around, the better chances you have of winning!)


The SpiderOak team will pick the top three people with a combination of these requirements: 1) The funniest or best caption, 2) The most likes or RTs on Facebook & Twitter, and 3) The most creative approach. We will announce the ‘Top 3′ winners and their caption on our blog on Thursday Nov. 1. Someone from our team will be sure to get in touch with the winners to deliver the prizes.


The top three Halloween photo caption contest winners will get to claim these items below in correlation with their place:

  1. A new iPad mini
  2. 100 GB free with Spideroak
  3. An awesome SpiderOak t-shirt

We can’t wait to see what caption you come up with for the picture below. Good luck!

And in the meantime, beware of what might be lurking around the corner (or on that hard drive in the sky)…

*SpiderOak is the only 100% private cloud environment. Your plaintext data is at risk on other cloud providers’ servers from a subpoena or breach standpoint. We pride ourselves our on extremely unique, flexible, private, and secure product available for you or your business. Learn more at


  1. John Diamond says:

    "It just feels better without protection."

  2. Bryan says:

    "Aww, the feeling after setting up new security protocols."

  3. Kristopher Ting says:

    Hi. This is Janet with "Backups R Us"…we need you to verify your account password with us…no sir, I'm fine…I am just feeling a little run down today. Thank you for providing that information to me….(evil laugh!!!)

  4. plushie says: – Nice try, Spideroak, but I'm not falling for your trap.

  5. K Kruepke says:

    One of many SpiderOak system administrators
    (thank goodness for zero-knowledge privacy!)

  6. zep says:

    She doesn't take care of her online privacy and her soul! She hasn't chosen the light. #SpiderOak.

  7. @zep__1 says:

    She doesn't take care of her online privacy and her soul! She hasn't chosen the light. #SpiderOak.

  8. Gord Grieder says:

    "What do you mean you can't recover my password?!"

  9. Andre Zanotto says:


    "Thanks to the leaking from that hard drive in the sky, now everyone knows my secret!"

    SpiderOak – Zero-knowledge Zombie Environment

  10. Tyler says:

    I fought Bruce Schneier to get to your SpiderOak server but I still can't get your data because of ZK. #iPadContest

  11. Jose Urena says:

    — Tengo todo el tiempo del mundo … seguiré esperando por la contraseña.

  12. Stuart Whitmore says:

    I do not rest. I do not sleep. With ill intent, I plod toward your private data. I will keep trying….

  13. Matt Cooper says:

    I am sorry sir, but not even the great undead can access your information without your Spideroak password…

  14. Dusk says:

    "Looking up SpiderOak users… the TASTIER BRAINS I can find, with their care for online privacy!"

  15. AlexAnteMachina says:

    These Scars I got when trying to get my private Data back from Facebook and Google. Never give away your privacy!

  16. Hillary says:

    So let me get this straight… In order to participate in a contest for a *privacy-preserving* company, I have to use *Facebook*?

  17. Tomek Bawej says:

    Dead serious about privacy

  18. MS says:

    Bad day? Try telling the Prince of Darkness you 'misplaced' his vacation photos. Should have used @SpiderOak … #iPadContest

  19. Veridor says:

    "Protect your data from zombie botnets with Spideroak."

  20. Scott Lefton says:

    The classic look when you forget to back up until its too late.

  21. Matt Doiron says:

    You mean those other online storage services can see my vegetarian recipes!? @SpiderOak #iPadContest

  22. Mark Oliver says:

    Oh crud, what was my password?…

  23. AVazquez says:

    Dropbox gave out all of my private files. It's killing me!

  24. Matt Cooper says:

    At least Sue's slight infection didn't infect her Data…

  25. mc78london says:

    Zombies want you to bite and hackers just your bytes, but Spideroak will protect your data despite. Trick or treat, key-logger or click, whatever may scare you a bit, Spideroak's zero knowledge will take care of it!

    ** mc78london SpiderOak name ( and "Italondonista Avataurino" on facebook + ) **

  26. David A. Colvin says:

    Photos of your new girlfriend got leaked online? You should have gone with SpiderOak.

  27. csaucier says:

    This malicious person has been trying to crack our systems for a very long time.

  28. Nelson Goncalves says:

    Keep your computer's cortex safe from prying hacker zombies. Use SpiderOak!

  29. Mark Oxner says:

    Infected, no, my COMPUTER isn't, but even if it was, my stuff is backed up to @SpiderOak. Oh, me? No, I feel f…HUNGRY! #iPadContest

  30. David A. Colvin says:

    So you think your online data is safe and secure? So did Nancy. Boy, was she wrong. DEAD WRONG.

  31. David A. Colvin says:

    So you think your online data is safe and secure? So did Nancy. Boy, was she wrong. DEAD WRONG.

  32. David A. Colvin says:

    What's eating you? Worried that your online data isn't as safe and secure as it should be? SpiderOak. It's a no-brainer. Mmm… Brainz!

  33. Jeremy Farnes says:

    "Because even zombies need a little privacy."

  34. Filip Topolnjak says:

    Great contest!

  35. ryan clark says:

    Share your data not your virus. Spideroak safe and secure data, not some random dropbox.

  36. Yikes says:

    Spideroak: Your brain-safe. In the cloud.

    Fun — thanks for the contest!

  37. Stephanie says:

    This is Zara. She used to be a regular human being before her online privacy was invaded by third parties like Google. SpiderOak can help protect you from falling into their traps. Save your souls… and your brains. Get SpiderOak.

  38. Whoa says:

    Spideroak user #5248: Zombie mother with two kids. "I use Spideroak to keep my family albums safe and secure."

    Alright, off to bed. Thanks again.

  39. Michael T says:

    This is Lucy. She keeps the big list of the best brainz.
    Thanks to SpiderOak she won't have to share this information in the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

  40. Macwitty says:

    Why would I save my bacon, I'm a vegetarian

  41. Calvin Winter says:

    Spideroak: More secure than the grave.

  42. Jerry says:

    SpiderOak offers online protection from third parties like no other. Not even Chuck Norris can compare to how powerful SpiderOak is.

  43. Dawn Smith says:

    The REAL author of, 'Tales from the Crypt'.

  44. Dawn Smith says:

    The REAL author of, 'Tales from the Crypt'.
    #ipad #spideroak

  45. Winners? says:

    When are the winners going to be announced?

    According to this post, that should have been yesterday …