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Let’s Be in Perfect Sync

Welcome to SpiderOak University. If you’re a student, new user, or a lover of continuous learning, this month we’re talking to you.

We’ll be posting a couple video shorts each week where SpiderOak CEO Ethan Oberman uses a whiteboard to explain some of our basic product functionalities. School yourself and keep an eye out for our next POP QUIZ so you can receive extra GBs.

SpiderOak CEO Ethan Oberman discusses the sync function and how it benefits the you.

Do you have a .edu email address? Don’t forget – you can enjoy 50% off your private backup/sync/share account:

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  1. Kenley Neufeld says:

    I have an .edu address on my account; how do I benefit from the 50% off deal? Is it for existing customers?

  2. Jovan Washington says:


    Email us at and we will take care of you. :-)

  3. Dan M. says:

    Synchronization allows the user to exclude file types, but it would be nice if it could also exclude folders (directories). For example, will this be properly excluded: *NoSync*

  4. Chris I. says:

    The problem with SpiderOak's sync solution is that it does not work well for files that frequently change from multiple devices. Specifically, the user is never notified when collisions occur. For example, let's say computers A and B have version 1 of a file. Then, you change the file on computer A which uploads to SpiderOak (let's call that version 2a). If you also change the file on computer B before it has received version 2a, SpiderOak uploads the conflicting version (2b) to SpiderOak. The problem is that ultimately one of the versions 2a or 2b get silently overwritten, meaning that both computers are in sync (i.e. they have the same version of the file), but one set of your changes are effectively lost. (Technically, the overwritten version is buried in the "Historical Versions" on at least one of the clients, but you would never know to look there, and depending on the nature of the file or the changes, that doesn't necessarily help.)

    The SpiderOak sync feature is fine if you just want to sync relatively static files like your photo collection where new files are periodically added to the folder, but the contents of existing files do not change often or from multiple computers.

    I hope that this limitation is addressed in a future version of the SpiderOak client because it greatly limits the appeal of the sync feature. I don't like data loss.

  5. dmc says:

    Has the quiz for last week been published yet or an I missing something?

  6. Amine says:

    Nope, not seen it myself either.

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  13. Eric says:

    Is there any way to sync files from an iOS or Android devices? It would be really nice if I could automatically sync photos taken to my PC.