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GIMP – Quick Colour Correction

Some photos just need a little helping hand to ‘pop’ and really shine. Usually it’s to do with brightness and/or colouration. Here’s a quick and simple way to give your colours a boost.

Here’s my starting photo. It’s a bit ‘flat’:

To give this a quick fix, go to the GIMP menu and choose Colors > Curves. You’ll see this window:

What you want to do is make two points on the line and drag the right one up and the left one down:

This will give us an S-curve:

Which boosts the colours somewhat giving us:

And a final tweak would be to go to the menu and click Colors > Levels, and move the white triangle on the right in to the left. This will brighten the whites up giving us:


  1. liv says:

    Dear SpiderOak staff
    Is there any justification for this kind of posts—i.e., on GIMP and other miscellanea—from a *file sync* firm? I've subscribed to the feed to keep up-to-date with SpiderOak developments and releases, but much of the posts I receive feel disturbingly like marketing spam.

  2. @lypsis says:

    I wondered about this post, too :-)
    But hey, it could be useful – so.. keep it coming!

  3. Jovan Washington says:

    Hy all!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We thought we'd invite guests bloggers to fill in the gaps with interesting and fun posts. But don't you worry – we have exciting SpiderOak announcements and news planned as well. :-)

  4. Nuno Salgueiro says:

    I liked this post very much, it's refreshing to learn different things. ;)