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SpiderOak IAmA on

As a part of World Backup Day a few of us in the team behind SpiderOak will be answering questions about our service, company etc. in a AUA post on /r/IAmA on the social news site Reddit throughout the weekend.

For those unfamiliar IAmA is short for “I Am A” and AUA is short for “Ask Us Anything” and stands for a post where someone or a group of people answers questions from the community.

We at SpiderOak are doing this as a way of connecting with the community, spread awareness of World Backup Day, and our special offer of 5GB storage free for life through the bonus code ‘worldbackupday’.

We hope you will take the time to show up and say hello and maybe ask us a question or two! You can find the IAmA post right HERE


  1. Tariq says:

    It is just a matter of post being made 13 hours [ another number to avoid :) ] too soon or is it a camouflage for 1st of April :).

    Now why is the World Backup Day planned for 31st March ? Any one not paying heed gets celebrated next day.

  2. Daniel @ SpiderOak says:

    No April fools going on at all. Check out for more info!

  3. Adam says:

    Wish I had not missed this AMA! Keep up the great work, fellas!