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iOS Mobile Client 1.2 Released! Improvements Abound and iPad Support!

With our new Mobile development team in full swing, we are proud to present Version 1.2 of the SpiderOak iOS app for iPhone and iPad!

SpiderOak for iOS is available right now in the App Store for FREE!

The new version comes with improvements in every area from the login process, file handling, printing ability, document viewing and more. Specific areas of improvements are available in our Release Notes section below:

  1. Full Support for iPad.
  2. File Context Menu: Select specific actions related to a file including view ‘Details’, ‘Add to Favorites’, ‘Send Link’, and others.
  3. Favorites may now be updated on an individual basis.
  4. Cancel Download Operations: Effective when viewing a file or updating a favorite. This feature is enabled by tapping the ‘Cancel’ button from the progress dialog.
  5. Support for ‘Open In’: On devices with iOS Version 3.2 and up, users can now open files with any Application that supports the selected file type.
  6. Support for ‘Print’ Feature: In devices with iOS version 4.2 and up, print directly from the SpiderOak App!
  7. iOS Version 3.0 Support: It is now possible to use the SpiderOak App on devices as far back as iOS Version 3.0.

If you do not currently have a SpiderOak account, you can sign up here and receive your 2 FREE GBs – giving you full access to all product features. And even if you are not a member of SpiderOak, you can still use the SpiderOak iOS App to open up the ShareRooms of current SpiderOak users and view, sync, print and share data they make available to you.

As we do with all of our projects, we encourage your ideas and feedback as
this drives our development effort and makes SpiderOak better for everyone.
Please don’t hesitate to send your comments to


  1. arie says:

    It's nice to have a mobile client, but I'm sure many of your customers would be pleased more, if you put extra effort in getting your desktop client reliable (and working).

  2. Daniel Larsson @ SpiderOak Inc says:

    Of course. Our mobile and desktop development run's on separate teams in parallel so improvements are being made to both :-)

  3. peter says:

    My biggest issue is that many of the files I want to see on my ipod are plain text files that don't have a .txt extension (scripts, markup, etc). Is there any way to tell the spideroak app to treat files that it doesn't know what to do with as plain text? I almost never use the spideroak app primarily for this reason.

  4. Steve says:

    @Peter – your question doesn't make any sense to me. I use SpiderOak regularly (not affiliated with the company in any other way). SpideOak backs up ALL my files regardless of extension and I can sync common files across multiple computers very easily. File name extensions don't affect spideroak at all, except where you configure SO not to backup certain files (like *.tmp for example).

  5. Jake says:

    @Steve – You misunderstood Peter's complaint. He never said they don't sync. He said he can't view them. He wants SpiderOak to treat unknown file types as text, or at least have the option to view files of unknown type in a text editor/viewer.

  6. David Moore says:

    Trying to download the app on the spp store but getting an error msg saying that it is no longer available. What gives?

  7. David Moore says:

    Guess it was just offline for a bit, working now…

  8. Radu says:

    Hi! Could you please confirm whether the iPhone/iPad app is using https for data transfer?

  9. Chip says:

    @Radu – Yes, all our mobile clients use https for data transfer.

  10. Robert says:

    Still in test mode of SpiderOak. So far liking it a lot. But the Automatic Login setting on the iPhone App does not seem to be working.
    I assume when it's in the OFF position, when I leave the app and return
    later, I will need to re-enter my Username and Password. It doesn't.
    Other programs I have tried allow you to enter a simple 4 digit password to ensure if the phone is accidentally lost, the data is not accessible to the person who finds my phone. This password is only to enter the App.
    Am I missing something here?

  11. Sean says:

    I installed an application (iThoughtsHD) that reads a custom extension (.xmind) and spideroak still doesn't know how to launch it. Dropbox handles it just fine. I'd much rather use SpiderOak.

  12. Sean says:

    Sorry, forgot to post that I'm trying this on an iPad 2, iOS v4.3 (8F191).

  13. Nefario says:

    Havent been able to register using the iOS app. Lame.

  14. stefan says:

    I'm a android user both mobile phone and tablet. I really would like to sync between devices as well, just like dropbox :)

  15. stefan says:

    to clarify my previous comment: it would be nice to have a option to go less secure for a certain folder and let the cloud handel the encryption. that way it would be possible to have a sync with your mobile devices with out eating the battery :)

  16. vishal says:

    Can you please connect this to DocsToGo? We use that widely in our company and don't want to be forced to move ourselves to Dropbox.

  17. Swifty says:

    Android user also, when you you have an app available for it, please?

  18. Switcher from Dropbox says:

    Great! The point of a wonderful cloud service like this is multi-platform access and usage. An iOS app makes this service better, for me. Add an App to Android and other popular systems, this will truely be multi-platform!!

  19. David says:

    Status of Android app?

  20. Dropbox switcher says:

    Please add photo gallery feature to iOS app. thanks

  21. blainiac says:

    Agree with @vishal. Would very much like to see tight integration with DocsToGo.

  22. Rodrigo says:

    I have spideroak in my iPhone and iPad, and for an estrange reason sometimes it doesn't work. It just says Loading…

  23. Jonathan says:

    I love the service, and I love the app, except that even though the password is saved, I find I have to remove it and re-enter it every time the device is restarted. This isn't as much an issue for me as it is for some of my clients – they are a less tech inclined crowd who like to turn off their devices when not in use.

    It would also be really nice to be able to upload changed files from mobile. For example I download a file, and notice an error, so I correct it. Now the correction is only on my device, and not synced to the cloud. Is there any way you will consider adding this feature at some point in the future?