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SpiderOak Android ver 1.1 in the wild!

With lessons learned and a new Mobile development crew in place, we proudly announce the new Android client: SpiderOak Android Version 1.1.

The new client features improvements in stability, speed, and several added features such as improved folder handling and the addition of ‘Favorites’ (or files that are downloaded and always available regardless of connectivity). Below you will find full release notes, download sources, and a tutorial video showing off the new Android client.

Android 1.1 Release Notes

- Favorites: A user now has the ability to mark specific files as ‘Favorites’. This will allow the file to remain available regardless of connectivity and the user can easily check for new updated versions.

- Improved Tab Navigation: A user can now browse his/her storage, access Shares, go to Favorites, view a specific file, and then return to his/her storage at the previous point.

- New Login Dialog: Increased efficiency such that a user no longer needs to go into Settings to enter Username/Password. New version allows a user to tap Menu –> Login and – if no credentials are present – a dialog will appear with the appropriate fields.

- Updated File Details: By default, files marked as Favorites are depicted with a star and show last modification time and size. A user can now modify this display within the Settings.

- Improved File Viewing: User may choose between potential programs to open a file when a default is not found.

- Miscellaneous Fixes & Improvements: Better handling on orientation changes and a more accurate storage progress bar.

You can download the new mobile client for Android via app-stores and repositories or directly through:


  1. Chad Merkert says:

    Looks great! Would definitely like to see the ability to back up and/or sync data from my Android Phone. Once that is in place, I'm sold, and will actually use the app.

  2. Pedro Rodrigues says:

    The ancient login setup was a pain, this is much more standard and more user frendly.

    A feature request: allow copying the URL from the share info.

  3. obet says:

    hmmm. . .good

  4. Bing says:

    Unable to log in. any suggestions?

  5. atRoMx says:

    are there plans to support backup of phone files – or did I just not discover that functionality?

  6. Daniel Larsson @ SpiderOak Inc says:

    We are investigating and planning for two-way backup and sync between mobile devices and the spideroak cloud. Our client side encryption and deduplication makes this 'not so easy' but it's not something we have overlooked.

  7. aligrubbs says:

    When I try to launch the SpiderOak Android App it shows "Logging in to SpiderOak" then says "The application SpiderOak (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." When I click on the Force close button and try to launch it again, I get the same thing.

  8. Daniel Larsson @ SpiderOak Inc says:

    @aliegrubbs that seems odd. What type of device are you running and what version of Android? Feel free to email me at and I'll see what I can figure out!

  9. aligrubbs says:

    I figured it out, I just setup my SpiderOak account and downloaded the Android App tonight and was trying to use the App before any files had been backed up. Once the files hit the backup server the app started working.

  10. JAg says:

    Maybe you could improve your MAC software before you venture into phone apps

  11. Daniel Larsson @ SpiderOak Inc says:

    @JAg we hear you loud and clear. However, we have both desktop and mobile development teams and while we work on improving the Desktop client we work parallel to improve and develop mobile clients.

  12. DEIR says:

    The Mac softwaare really needs revision. It's soooooo… WINDOW'S Like in nature. Definately not a native cocoa application like say Dropbox or Backblaze. And it definately doesn't feel like a menulet application…. Man it's huge ! 8( please please make it more native and streamlined like a native chick mac app and submit it to the Mac App store ! If accepted it will prove its "macworthyness" !

  13. Daniel Larsson @ SpiderOak Inc says:

    @deir we are working at it as we 'speak'.

  14. Ken says:

    Daniel, Just sent you an email as well.

    HTC EVO Android 2.2. We get FC anytime trying to login

  15. Frank says:

    Great service but the Android app needs a lot of work. When I execute it on my Moto Android it opens and I get logged in and then I can see my folder. At this point it has issues, when I click on any folder to see the files, it tells me my login has expired and to login again, I login and then it just spins trying to login. Needs work bad, no need to login to open a folder, somebody has their code twisted… Looking for a good release soon.

  16. YaManicKill says:

    Seem to be having a problem with logging in. It constantly says my info is wrong, but I typed the exact same thing into the web, and it worked. I'm currently on my netbook, so can't change my password, but will try that when I get home tonight and see if that fixes the issue.

    I'm on HTC desire, running CyanogenMod 7 (based on gingerbread).

  17. Kay says:

    1) Crashes on downloading folder.
    2) Does not track removed favourites – they're still starred even if file removed
    3) Favourited file name should correspond to cloud name, directory structure will be nice also.
    4) I don't use shared tab, it will be nice to hide it in preferences.

    If favorited file was changed, it is tracked in android app?

  18. Jason says:

    Just download the app for android onto my galaxy tab, what ever i do it will not let me log in, log in starts but gives error Incorrect username and/or password.

    I have checked my password and changed it and tried again but still not working.

  19. Oliver says:

    Love the app, thanks! The only thing I'd like to see changed is the persistence of the login. With regular use it feel like I am constantly at the login page. I have the app secured not to launch without a pin, and I would really like the app to just be logged in permanently.

    P.S. I only seem to be able to successfully log in from the top level of the folder tree–if I am promoted to log in while the app is in a sub folder it just spins and spins.

  20. Matt says:

    If you click the Settings button on the login windows, you can specify the duration of the session (which you can set to permanent) as well as if you want your login information to be remembered.

  21. framin says:

    Login incorrect – why? Tried about 10 times, same Password works in my Browser.

  22. Tommy says:

    Awesome with the app, I am bit concerned about having all my files exposed on my cell phone though. If only you could treat the Android as a device like a PC. Because I only want a few special folders synced between my phone and the PCs.

  23. Tom says:

    I also cannot login on android. I always get incorrect usernmae/password.

  24. Jonathan says:

    I wasn't able to log in until I changed my password, so that it didn't contain the character "^". It seems like some special characters might not yet be supported.

  25. Eric says:

    Yes, special characters seem to cause an error when using the Android app. SpiderOak – can we have an update or a list, please?

    (Shoddy work for a secure service IMHO – these characters work fine on all the other cloud services I have)

  26. MCosmos says:


    Everything was working fine until 1 month back, I'am unable to connect by android, keeps me saying "Connection to the spideroak network failed".

    Theres a month on this that i can't access anyhting… even after reinstall all rom and software on my phone…. no even my wife's phone wich is from another brand…

  27. archiegoodwin says:

    Ditto on "Connection to the spideroak network failed" using Android App. Using same username & password as laptop. Plain text password, no special characters.

  28. Alex says:

    Login doesn’t work if it contains special characters it seems. Seriously, test your app with more than using ‘password’ and you might find obvious bugs like this in the future.