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SpiderOak, Free Games and Poetry to round off the year!

It’s about that time of the year when people – for various reasons – feel the desire to spend their hard earned money on gifts for their loved ones, colleges, spouses and children.

Here at SpiderOak – being the sort of people that like to dive headlong into the spirit of any holiday (from Valentine’s to Groudhog’s day – thought we would take the opportunity to play to your greedy side much like a choir of angels would play Rock Band by offering some of the almighty ‘free loot’ that we all love so much.

Keeping it simple, we have 22 copies of some rather brilliant Indie games that we would like to pass along this holiday season. The games (10 copies of Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West and 12 copies of World of Goo) are both available for installation through the Steam service and compatible with both Mac and PC*. The games are both by brilliant Indie developers and we are sure you won’t mind supporting their efforts (check further down in this post for video trailers of the games).

To score a copy of one of the games mentioned above, all you have to do is: 1) install the SpiderOak client and sign-up for a free 2GB account; and 2) post your SpiderOak username together with a home-made New Years Poem in the comment section.

An impartial jury of SpiderOak employees will then burn the midnight oil in search of 22 worthy winners and email the lucky ones game of their choice on December 31st.

To ensure that our little contest and what will surely be some of the best New Years inspired poetry seen in decades reaches even the farthest corners of the world, we encourage you to share this contest among your friends via Twitter, Facebook, Carrier Pigeon and horseback as much as you desire.

Godspeed and a Happy New Year in advance from the SpiderOak crew!

World of Goo Trailer

Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West Trailer

* Happen to be an all-Linux user or just plain not interested in games? Of course we enjoy your poetry as well! Just go ahead and enter the contest with a little note of this and we will send you a 10GB upgrade for your SpiderOak account instead!


  1. Just so you know says:

    World of Goo is also available for Linux.

  2. Daniel Larsson @ SpiderOak Inc says:

    Well thank you for that information :-) Don't think there is a steam client for Linux though and since we plan on distributing the games through steam I am not sure that will work.

  3. fuzzbawl says:

    Another year has passed without an event
    of lost data, pictures or anything yet!
    "Backups, nay, who needs that these days?"
    "My data is public, It's on the cloud!"
    I shout from my cubicle so very loud.

    A peer to the left and some from the right,
    Heard my exlamation and cringed at the sight.
    "You should backup your data, your music, your stuff"
    "It could all be gone forever with one magic black puff"
    "Or a virus could wreak havoc, don't be ignorant and gruff"

    Never would it happen, not to me anyway.
    I'm so careful, you see, I only shop on eBay.
    But just as they left a problem occurred,
    I lost my balance…the rest is absurd.
    My coffee, my life juice, all over the keys!
    It washed into the circuits like water on trees.

    I yelled and I screamed, I grasped for dry cloths,
    But it was all over, my data I had lost.
    Everyone else is leaving for the party,
    To watch the ball drop with Jenna McCarthy.
    But now I cannot go. I shall sit here and mope,
    mumbling to myself: "I should have used SpiderOak".

  4. filmerror says:

    New Years Day Haiku:

    New Years Day is here!
    Oh no, my files are gone!
    Thank you SpiderOak!

  5. filmeror says:

    Also following at twitter @therealzombine

  6. spideroak fan says:

    Spideroak, Spideroak,
    Does whatever a spider can
    Spins a web, any size,
    Catches files just like flies
    Look Out!
    Here comes the Spideroak.

    Is it strong?
    Listen bud,
    It's got encrypted blood.
    Can it swing from a thread
    Take a look overhead
    Happy New Year
    There goes the Spideroak.

    Thanks team and Happy New Year!
    Rather than post my username, please feel free to reach me at
    I'm in the extra 10GB space camp (already have Goo)

  7. taltos says:

    Couldn't resist the beauty of haikus:

    The new year is nigh,
    I am freezing in the gloom,
    but my files are safe!

    Extra space please, I'm on linux and have no time for gaming nowadays. :-)

  8. brian360 says:

    High hopes for our company, here comes the new year
    We'll sell lots of products, and spread lots of cheer
    Servers backed up, with help from the cloud
    Employees all over, cheering out loud
    We can all take vacation, having clear heads
    Our files are secure, we'll sleep well in our beds

    (All-Linux user)

  9. leroy_30 says:

    The data was here, the data was there,
    The data was all around:
    On internal, USB and network drives,
    All backed up in the cloud!

    At length did cross a Virus,
    Through the firewall it came;
    As if it had been the Devil himself,
    I cursed it just the same.

    It ate the data it ne'er had eat,
    And into the network it flew.
    The virus did split with frightening wit;
    The antivirus could nothing do!

    Data, data, everywhere,
    And all the files did shrink;
    Data, data, everywhere,
    Aye, I need a drink.

    In a flash, it all did crash,
    What ever was I to do;
    My data was gone, but not for long,
    SpiderOak brought me through.

  10. leroy_30 says:

    oops. Storage please. Not much time for games :-)

  11. maccoterie says:

    Haiku…? ;P

    Two years will meet soon,
    Whose ears catch the footsteps first?
    Moon hears them in snow.

  12. blairheuer says:

    hard to write a poem
    but I would like 10 more gigs
    for me, blairheuer

  13. wofl says:

    Flashing across the digital tangle, past
    Dangers that threaten every corner. There
    Is no fear in our eyes, for our destination is
    Our haven. A fire ahead, at light speed we
    Flash through. The flames are growing, but
    Distantly, as a memory.

    Everything is gone,
    Reduced to an ember. A house
    Lost to misfortune, one overly spectacular
    Firework. Grief wells up inside. But

    Wait! "Thank gosh – it's a miracle", a
    Joyful cry of relief. Sitting safely in
    The cloud, you know your porn is safe.

    (Generally an all-nix user, but World of Goo looks worth making an exception…)

  14. twhoffma says:

    On every New Years Eve the boy solemnly swore,
    to keep his bits and bytes safer than the year before.

    But year on year, the promise he forgot,
    until one year, he lost the lot!

    "Aye, that was a silly thing, not to put my stuff under SpiderOaks' wing!"

    From that point on it was clear in his mind – this year we backup and all will be fine!

  15. person says:

    steam can be run of linux using wine. it has a platinum rating on the appdb

  16. tpoise says:

    (To the tune of 'Jingle Bells')

    Back up now, Back up now
    SpiderOak's the best!

    When you'e lost your files, and burning miles
    Then you'll see the rest

    Back up now, Back up now
    Hard drives fail and crash

    Get the backup gear, in the coming year
    And Restore in a flash!

    (Wish I had time for games, but I don't. Here's to hoping for the 10gb…)

  17. Brian says:

    The new year cometh,
    Nice, but just like the last one.
    Like potato chips.

    SpiderOak username: spiffytech
    I'm a Linux user, so I'd rather have the 10GB please.

  18. deivid says:

    Everyday is a new year in wastefulness land,
    everyday but the last one.
    There's nothing to celebrate that day…
    they're happy and simple anyway.

    SpiderOak username: deivid
    10GB would be nice… :)

  19. Tobi says:

    I used to have files, now they are gone
    that's why to SpiderOak I was drawn

    I cherish my secrets, tax statements and such
    You are right! That's why I like SpiderOak very much

    Linux is my best friends name
    How lucky am I, you too are in the game

    Soon another year will have passed
    Certainly +10G will make me gasp! ;-)

    Username: betabrain

  20. sunnysnap says:

    On New Year's Day,
    It's time to pray.

    Hope my drive survives one more year,
    Must I live in so much fear?

    Screaming kids and falling snow,
    My laptop can't take another blow.

    I need a place to store my bits,
    SpiderOak, my friend in mitts. (sorry don't want to post username)
    10 GB would be great!

  21. gkche says:

    Upon a cloud within the night
    A tiny spider weaves its light
    Its web of data to and fro
    Backed up from clients on the go

    Throughout the night of New Year's Eve
    The oaken spider tames its weave
    As dusk turns dawn and new year rings
    Great peace of mind the spider brings

    With SpiderOak we carry on
    While others fret from data gone
    The backup ease of SpiderOak
    For every file and every folk

    (If you could please, 10 gigs for free
    My name is g-k-c-h-e.)

  22. abcdezekiel says:

    It's 1:19 a.m. on January 1, 2011 here and it seems that I'm too late
    I'm not really sure but perhaps it's fate
    The truth is it doesn't really matter to me
    I'd just like to make a poem and hope it would make me see

    See what it feels like to write on my netbook
    With nothing important to say right here
    No should, no must, no insight to cook
    Other than to greet you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    Thanks to all behind spideroak for creating a really cool app. ;)

  23. abcdezekiel says:

    note: I already have WoG and I've checked the system requirements of the other game, which my netbook does not meet. But I'd very much appreciate a 10GB upgrade! :D

  24. contest winners? says:

    Has anyone received an email yet?

  25. Daniel Larsson @ SpiderOak Inc says:

    The lucky winners will be announced here on the blog and via email momentarily!

  26. define "momentarily"? says:


  27. Daniel Larsson @ SpiderOak Inc says:

    # for an instant or moment; "we paused momentarily before proceeding"; "a cardinal perched momently on the dogwood branch"
    # at any moment; "she will be with you momently"

    # momentary – fleeting: lasting for a markedly brief time; "a fleeting glance"; "fugitive hours"; "rapid momentaneous association of things that meet and pass"; "a momentary glimpse"

    # momentary – lasting for only a moment; happening at every moment; perpetual; ephemeral or relatively short-lived

    # momentary – An electrical interruption lasting one minute or less.

    # momentary – A mode of operation in which

    Also: We just sent out emails to the winners :-)

  28. abcdezekiel says:

    …in which all output ports of the switch are disconnected from the input port until a voltage is applied to maintain a selected position. The switch returns to its open position with the removal of voltage.

    LOL XD