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Android and… THE FUTURE!

In the mobile world here at SpiderOak HQ, there’s two things that have some code being laid down already, and they’re interrelated.

The first is that an Android app is now being actively worked on. Yes, I know we’re late to the party. If it’s “fashionably late”, or “better late than never”, or “about darn time”, I don’t know, but it’s being worked on. When it’s complete, it’s going to be open-source from the get-go so that those with open handsets can play with the app as they please. This is cool, because it’s going to also act as a demo implementation of our Next Big Thing. This app will provide at least the same amount of functionality as the 1.1 version of the iPhone app.

The Next Big Thing

There’s a lot of things you can do with a bunch of cloud storage. They’re all very, very cool. We have very cool web-based APIs, but I know there are difficulties in using our storage for cool uses (like Documents to Go) straightaway because of our ‘Zero-Knowledge’ encryption system.

The solution that I’m working on is a connection library in Objective-C and Java that will use our public APIs to provide high-level operations for working with files in SpiderOak storage, both personal storage and ShareRooms. This library will also be open-sourced as to make it easier to drop into your own projects, or see how we use our own APIs so that you can adapt the use to your own ends.


  1. sim says:

    sounds good

  2. Pedro Rodrigues says:

    Cant wait for the android client.

  3. Anders says:

    Looking forward to the Android client !

    In the future I'd love (even) more security. For example making it possible to have device level access, i.e. opening the program on each device only grants access to the files that device backs up.

    That would make it a bit safer to use this tool to back up my "public" computers like media center computer, etc. that are unprotected.

    Also applies to my VPS where I mainly need to back up 500MB, but atm. I'm reluctant to do so because it is instantly turned into a pipe into my account.

  4. Gerald Young says:

    I concur with Anders. I'd love to deploy SpiderOak to my mobile laptops without them having ability to see the "other" computers and files SpiderOak backs up, or buying additional licenses, which would put me back to considering other products for that purpose.

  5. flashdrive says:

    Hooray open source. Now us WebOS folks can hack together a client too. Oh the joys of being ignored.

  6. Daniel Larsson says:

    @flashdrive You will be happy to know that we actually have development of a WebOS app running parallel with our Android/iPad development. So you are not as forgotten as you may think :-)

  7. Vamsi Balakrishnan says:

    I'm looking forward to the android app. :)

  8. stueee says:

    thanks for the update – looking forward to this client

  9. Magnus Höglund says:

    Really looking forward to the Android client!!

  10. dominik says:

    Do you also consider a Meego/maemo client? I really like spideroak, but at the moment I can only use dropbox on my n900.

  11. malcontent says:

    Android 2.x compatible app? Yes, please.

  12. Rob C says:

    I am begging.. when can we get it? How can we add our name to the Beta list?

  13. David D says:

    I'm really looking forward to see the "Next Big Thing". What I would love to see for the iPhone is:
    * Integrated media streamer with backed-up iTunes content compatibility, playlists support
    * Documents to go compatibility
    * File search functionality
    For me, making centralized data easily accessible and editable is the future. It would be nice to know SpiderOak's medium to long term objectives as regards to mobile platforms.

  14. Mohammad says:

    It's great to see development on all of these mobile platforms. Do you see a Blackberry client in the future?

  15. mmontecchi says:

    Android is and will be the best mobile platform!!! We need an Android client for SpiderOak!!!

  16. Dakota says:

    +1 Droid X

  17. Daniel Larsson says:

    Yes, we are currently running mobile development of a Android, Blackberry and WebOS client parallel with priority on the Android client. We expect to have beta products ready 'soon' (more info to come).

    I myself am very excited about an Android client as the first real 'Android iPads' :-) should be landing in stores soon.

  18. some dood says:

    looking forward to the Android client. sux not having access to the data as i would wish.

  19. Daniel Larsson @ SpiderOak Inc says:

    @ALL – Want to try out the Beta of the new SpiderOak Android app? drop an email to for a chance to join the beta-program!

  20. Daniel Larsson @ SpiderOak Inc says:

    Ok, you have all waited long enough you 'can now haz Android App 1.0' –