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User Signups Fixed

If you tried to sign up for a new account, add a device, or reinstall a device in the last day, you probably ran into the dreaded “502 Bad Gateway” error. After a routine upgrade, our new user process stopped working and unfortunately, due to complications with our monitoring systems and most of our customer support being distracted for several hours today, we didn’t find out until today. We’ve fixed the problem, and signups/new devices/reinstalls are working again. We’re very sorry for the downtime. Rest assured that the responsible parties have been flogged.

Thanks again to everyone who wrote into support, and have a nice day. :)


  1. Cpt. Blood says:

    Flogging rules!

  2. Benedikt says:

    run into the same problem again today…

  3. SF says:

    This is also happening currently!

  4. FauxName says:

    and today (Linux Mint 14 64 bit attempting to sign into Spideroak through the software)

  5. RH says:

    I am having the same issue today with to Ubuntu machines 12.04 and 12.10. App on my Android seems fine as does web site access.