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Newly Arrived – SpiderOak iPhone App

We are very proud and excited to announce the launch of our SpiderOak iPhone
application -representing our introduction into the mobile platform. You can
find SpiderOak now in the iTunes App Store!
Our initial goals for this product were to accomplish the following:

  1. Provide seamless access to all of the data you have backed up across your
    SpiderOak Network – viewing documents, pdfs, pictures, videos, music,
    historical versions, etc…
  2. Allow you to easily open your ShareRooms and those of your friends, family,
    colleagues, or clients
  3. Create a way for you to email ANY file across your SpiderOak Network
    through the iPhone email utility

Of course in my excitement to show off the new app, one of my friends
wondered why she should download it if she didn’t have a SpiderOak account.
Other than the obvious response that she should get one immediately (and my
promise of course that I would give her a little extra space), the app can
still be used to open up the ShareRooms of current SpiderOak users. For
example, after downloading the SpiderOak iPhone app on her phone, I was able to
give her one of my ShareRoom credentials (ShareID & RoomKey) et voilĂ ! -
she was looking at several photos of my new cute little niece.

As we do with all of our projects, we encourage your ideas and feedback as
this drives our development effort and makes SpiderOak better for everyone.
Please don’t hesitate to send your comments to

Lastly, we do have plans in the not-so-distant future to release a mobile
version for the Android and the Blackberry platforms with the Windows platform
soon to follow. In addition, we have an aggressive roadmap of new features to
add to the iPhone platform in upcoming versions 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3. Please


  1. Chad Merkert says:

    Sounds Great! Can't wait until it's available for Android, so I can try it!

  2. Marc says:

    Well done! A Version for Android and WebOS would be awesome too!

  3. Stefano says:

    Nice one! Can't wait for the Android app :D

  4. Tepee says:

    Well done, I was just wondering that a similar app exists for your service, and looking a bit sad your website (thinking about Dropbox the too famous, for me not really as secure and interesting as your service), and then, SHAZAM ! Here it is ! It is well done !
    If i would express an evolution, it would be the possibility to add some Favorites, instead crowling on same ways each time.

  5. bon says:

    Excellent, excellent app. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm amazed that it even supports viewing .pages and .keynote documents. Wow. And emailing single file links is just outstanding. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  6. Tod says:

    Good work, can't wait for the Android version! That would complete my transition to an instant online-backup life!

  7. SuperFlyBoy says:

    Would like the same for Windows Mobile/Android or Blackberry…

  8. Pete Burden says:

    Android too please!

  9. Maxim Bobin says:

    IT IS NOT WORKING!!! Total disappointment!!! The application crashes everytime I try to log in!!!

  10. ERO - SpiderOak says:

    @ Maxim Bobin: We greatly apologize for the problems you have encountered with the current iPhone application – V 1.0.2. Last evening we submitted a new version – V 1.0.3 – which addresses some small issues we noticed shortly after the 1.0.2 release. That said, we have not experienced reports of users not being able to login and I was wondering if you could provide some additional information. You can send an email to anytime.

    Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding,

    The SpiderOak Team

  11. desertblade says:

    Wake me when you get the Android app, that can backup my pictures off my phone.

  12. Jason says:

    Sweet… accessing data is great, what about backing up data? It doesn't matter much to me as I'm on Blackberry Enterprise, but for general consumer products, a backup solution would be appreciated by many I'm sure.

  13. phil says:

    Web OS App please!

  14. sfabius says:

    Another vote for WebOS version!

  15. b says:

    Android OS support, please!

  16. mourrr says:

    Excellent!!! Android would be a plus!!

  17. Bryan Jones says:

    Please add a Symbian S60 3rd edition client and I'm sold (if you need more tempting than that, when microsoft release office later this year for S60 3rd, this would make a killer combination).

  18. PJ says:

    Count me as another vote for Android!

  19. Frank says:

    Another vote for Android.

  20. simon says:

    Another Vote for Android!

  21. Ivan says:

    Android please!

  22. Aram says:

    Android please!

  23. PJM, UK says:

    I'd simply second the request for a version for Symbian S60 3rd edition phones so I could use it on my Nokia E72…

  24. ERO - SpiderOak says:

    Thank you for all of your posts. We will be moving to Android development next and will keep you posted on our progress. Please don't hesitate to keep the comments and thoughts coming…

  25. desertblade says:

    Is android going to be able to backup items on the sd card, like pictures?

  26. Dror says:

    Another vote for Android. You guys are the best Linux solution, is it a surprise that we want Android on the mobile side :-)?

  27. Kasper says:

    Another vote for android. Please hurry :-)

  28. Sudheer says:

    Great! I was searching for the iPhone apps before deciding to choose the service and WOW!!! here I am.

    Thanks for the great apps.

  29. Mark says:

    I'd like to use the Android version when it appears. Also, you only list the ability to access files backed up from another device. Hopefully in future it will be possible to back up the contents of the phone too.

  30. Chuck says:

    Another vote for Android app that includes ability to back android sd card.

  31. Lars says:

    Symbian S60 3 edition.. PLEASE.. :-)

  32. Blackberry says:

    After reading and using sugarsync (utter rubbish) I was about to sign up for this but then realised you dont have a blackberry app. Shame. If you had I would have bought this straight away. Please get the app finished!

  33. Turgut Uyar says:

    Another vote for Symbian.

  34. Philip says:

    blah blah Android blah ditto blah please blah blah

  35. Wayne Ward says:

    i log in fine – i can get it to send a link to the email address
    but the link wont work – i get 404 Not Found
    Not found. damn shame i can get two companies to use this paid versions if i can get this working

  36. Ugo says:

    When is an app coming for Android users?

  37. gpr says:

    Need the same for Android !

  38. Probolone says:

    Android, please!

  39. Maxim says:

    Having an Android client would be massively cool!

  40. Gardener says:

    Android client would be cool – Any idea when it will be released?

  41. Jared says:

    Awesome! Just downloaded and used it, very nice! Fast, does what it needs to do. I would like to add a feature request, can you enable viewing openoffice format files (I can already view MS Word & Excel, but not currently OpenOffice Writer & Calc). Other then that, I am very impressed with it. Thank you.

  42. Toma says:

    When will the Android client be ready?

  43. Harry says:

    Another Android user waiting for an app..:)

  44. Pete says:

    Android please! Loving your desktop app, keeping my critical files synced between my ubuntu machines…

  45. Andy says:

    Need an android version. My vote for android!

  46. Ricky B. says:

    Maemo please! … what? Okay, okay, so I'm probably the only one, but all it needs is a recompile for armel. :(

  47. Gerardo Santana says:

    This was my last requirement left before subscribing :)

  48. Seb says:

    The app crashes every time on IOS4. Are you going to update it?

  49. KP says:

    Same problem here. iPhone4 with iOS4 spideroak app crashes at login. Please update. Thanks.

  50. CH says:

    I also have the problem with the iOS4 app crash at login.

  51. dave says:

    + android!!

  52. Samk says:


  53. David Bennell says:

    Waiting for an android version here too…

  54. Christopher V says:

    Don't forget Palm (WebOS) support.

    Any chance you will open source the application you already created?

  55. Rick N says:

    I just discovered the dropbox android app and using it to stream videos to the phone. While looking for a site that was more flexible and supported encryption, I discovered SpiderOak. Once you get the Android App, you will be as good as or better than them in every way. I think you'll be able to count me in as a 100GB customer then.


  56. Vee says:

    Come on a Blackberry App!! SyncFiles already did it!

  57. Jacob Steelsmith says:

    +1 android

  58. Pete says:

    Android please!

  59. Zak says:

    Seriously, any expected launch date for an Android app?

  60. Zofren says:

    +1 for Android

  61. n-riss says:

    +1 Android

  62. diz says:

    +10 Android ;-)

  63. Andy says:

    Anyone else loving the irony that on the news item about the new SpiderOak iPhone app, most(?) of the posts are actually asking for the Android app?

    Subtle hint there for the SpiderOak development team? :)

    +1 Android (100GB user)

  64. me too says:

    where is the android app download link?, think progresive, think Android Evo 4G, I hate apple close ecosystem,

  65. Piotr says:

    +1 for Android

  66. kasper says:

    Come on now. It's been half a year since you wrote 'a not so distant future'…

  67. Boaz says:

    Another vote for Android (you know, the Linux based mobile phone?) I'd love to be able to backup my SD card.

  68. Grant says:

    Dropbox. Spideroak. Dropbox. Spideroak. Decisions, Decisions.

    Dropbox for Android – Win!

  69. Torsten Osigus says:

    +1 Android

  70. Daniel Larsson @ SpiderOak Inc says:

    Not to worry, we are currently in the final stages of development of our Android app and will be updating the entire community very shortly.

    We even have development started on Blackberry and WebOS so we have not forgotten about this.

    +1 for Android

  71. Downloaded it 3gs says:

    Downloaded it on my 3gs only opens and closes must be a bug so I deleted it 9/10/10

  72. Daniel Larsson @ SpiderOak Inc says:

    @ALL – Want to try out the Beta of the new SpiderOak Android app? drop an email to for a chance to join the beta-program!

  73. stephenbee says:

    +1 Android for me definitely. I want to be able to synch my org-mode files at the very least.

  74. lizzie says:

    I've just dwl it from the app store, but when i try to launch it, it crashes after two seconds… :(

  75. lizzie says:

    actually "crash" is not the right word: like the person who posted on sept 10th, it opens and closes straight away.
    please fix it!!!

  76. lizzie says:

    and i don't have a 3GS, simply a 3G

  77. Larry Lawyer says:

    An android version would be appreciated.

  78. Felix Kollmann says:


  79. Dan says:

    Android, please.

  80. aztrix says:

    Where's the android app?

    You might be interested to know that Gartner research forecasts that by the end of 2010 android sales will exceed iphone and that by 2014 android sales will be the number 1 smartphone in the market. See

    You might want to take this information into account when planning for future releases.

    Give the people what the people want!!!

  81. ThomasT says:

    Want to move off of Dropbox, so I can get either more storage or a lower monthly fee. But neither you nor SugarSync supports the platforms I need – no Linux for SugarSync, no Android for SpiderOak. Whichever releases the missing client I need first is VERY likely to get me as a paying customer.

  82. Daniel Larsson @ SpiderOak Inc says:

    As many have waited patiently on we are shipping our Android 1.0 release early this week. First version will have Viewing and share functionality and updates including Sync abilities will follow as development continues.

    Blogpost, press release etc coming shortly.

  83. Daniel Larsson @ SpiderOak Inc says:

    Ok, you have all waited long enough you 'can now haz Android App 1.0' –

  84. Niall C says:

    Iphone App still not working. Opens and then closes instantly. Trying it on a 3GS Version 3.1.2. To be honest, waiting on my new Android but will be using the 3GS as a backup and it would be nice to have it working there.

  85. Jason E says:

    iPhone app can't open any of my files, that's pretty lame. I can browse everything.. just can't open them.

  86. Daniel Larsson @ SpiderOak Inc says:


    We now have our new iOS app out in the app store! Many improvements such as iOS 3.0 compatibility, full iPad support (It rocks, trust me!), Printing, New Favorite feature etc etc.

  87. Rolf says:

    Just installed this on my iPhone. Nice to be able to access my files from anywhere and mail them out. Culd be a life saver. Thanks!

  88. Bill J says:

    What's happened to the latest iOS version?
    It now opens to log in, then promptly shuts down!

    I hope there's a fix coming soon.

  89. Al P says:

    Version 1.2.42 crashes often. My only app that does this. Why would you not take proper care in testing before deploying?

  90. Nima says:

    1.2.42 Crashes every time I select a simple txt file.
    Then I need to login again!
    However without logging in it will still let me open the file (from it's cache) in Dropbox so I can view it – in plain text.
    Happy that it runs on Linux but it needs to work a bit better on iOS (iPod touch)

  91. Nima says:

    1.2.42 Crashes every time I select a simple txt file.
    Then I need to login again!
    However without logging in it will still let me open the file (from it's cache) in Dropbox so I can view it – in plain text.
    Happy that it runs on Linux but it needs to work a bit better on iOS (iPod touch)