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  1. Satya says:

    Your argument is very convincing. I would buy a 'forever' account without thinking forever, provided I have that need.

    I wish you all the best with your business.


  2. says:

    how about let us mount using davfs/sshfs.
    so much easier access…

  3. kratxz says:

    Great job!

    This looks cool to me.

  4. TruePath says:

    Actually there isn't even a need for Moore's law to make this kind of product possible and economical. The time value of money means that there is going to be some lump sum payment on which the interest will cover the future costs of the data storage.

    This is a bit more obvious if you think about cemetery plots. You likely get to keep that piece of land for the forseable future but that doesn't make the cost absurdly large.