How to Claim Your Unlimited Storage

SpiderOak video tutorial how-to
Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to apply the promo code to your account.  Watch Now ↗
  1. New to SpiderOak One?

    Download and install the SpiderOak One desktop app and then create your One account.

    Already a SpiderOak One user?

    Just login to your account via your SpiderOak One app.

  2. Use the promo code to claim your discount.

    Go to your Account page and enter the code AUG18UNLIMITED.

  3. Back Up Your Data

    SpiderOak One allows you to backup your data from as many computers as you wish! Access your data from any of your devices, our web interface, or our mobile apps.

Why SpiderOak One?

SpiderOak One guarantees secure, reliable backup with unparalleled privacy. You have complete control over your content with unlimited version history and access to deleted files.

With end-to-end encryption as the basis of all of our products, we have No Knowledge of your password, any data stored on our servers, or the metadata associated with your files.

Access your files from anywhere with apps available for your desktop and mobile devices.

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Unlimited Devices

The only limitation on your SpiderOak ONE account is the amount of storage in your subscription plan. Back up a many computers as you want.

Secure, No Knowledge Backup

Security is our first concern. Only you control the keys used to encrypt your data. We have No Knowledge of the contents of your files.

Support for All Major OSes

No matter if you use Windows, Mac, or Linux, you can back up and sync your data with SpiderOak One. We also provide mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Still have questions?

Reach out to our amazing support team.

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