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For the past several days it has been interesting to watch the FBI/Apple story twist and turn with new accusations and revelations. We won’t recount them all here, we’re just intrigued with story around the story.

Apple is in a position to do the right thing; and we support them.

It would be our hope that if we are ever faced with such a difficult situation, that we could handle it as gracefully as Apple. In today’s climate it is refreshing to witness how two very contradictory views meet with a level of civility.

We have a great deal of respect for law enforcement and aim to be fully cooperative with whatever they request — as long as what they are asking for is legal, possible, and doesn’t violate our terms of service. Normally the first step we have to take, and it would seem Apple had to do the same, it to start with a quick bit of education.

All of our products are built around a system of Zero Knowledge. We know how much data you might store on our sever, but the data is encrypted with the keys on your device meaning when we are required to comply with requests, about the only thing we can provide is unreadable cypher text. Our systems are designed to reduce the risks of storing data in the cloud by giving control back to the users of the system.

Why explain this? Sometimes organizations don't have what others might want or wish the other has. From a practical point of view, SpiderOak doesn't really have your data on our servers, SpiderOak only stores your unreadable cypher text on our servers. And since we don't store the keys either, we can't decrypt the data without you either.

In the coming weeks we will be launching Semaphor, a collaboration tool for teams and businesses who care about privacy. Partly in response to all the news these past few days, we have prioritized our MacOS and iOS schedules and plan to release Semaphor first on Apple product line.

We expect Semaphor to push SpiderOak further into the discussion of encrypted communication and privacy. We welcome the opportunity.