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We are excited to announce VyprVPN Server, a new product in beta offered by our partner Golden Frog!

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What is VyprVPN Server?

VyprVPN Server was designed to eliminate frustrations traditionally associated with VPNs. The flexible, highly-secure solution is easy to set up and includes the following features:

• Your own dedicated server: VyprVPN Server is your own, dedicated server. This means you’re in total control of the entire stack.

• Fast and easy deployment: You can get up and running in minutes. VyprVPN Server even gives you feedback while deploying, so you can stay updated on what’s happening throughout the deploy process.

• Unmatched security: VyprVPN is highly secure, locking down your cloud infrastructure to protect your connections at all times.

• Seamless connection to existing apps: VyprVPN Server is flexible, so you can connect to your existing apps and programs (for example Salesforce, Confluence).

What can you use VyprVPN Server For?

• Infrastructure security

• Access to resources

• Testing / QA

• Whitelisting IPs

Who should use VyprVPN Server?

VyprVPN Server is great for a variety of business uses, including:

• Accessing network resources while travelling

• Securing the access point for all employees working from home

• Freelance and remote workers

• Developers, designers, creative agencies, website makers, e-commerce testers

• Anyone looking to lock down their network infrastructure

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