This version of Semaphor improves on the updated look that we rolled out in April and continues to bring new features and fixes from our development team. Our teams have been working tirelessly to not only implement changes you asked for, but to find better ways to execute the features you already enjoyed.

Your feedback, suggestions, and reports make a huge difference to our team. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us through, @SpiderOak on Twitter or on Facebook at

New Features:

  • Add notice for data storage
  • Updated styling
  • Removed URIs
  • Update device OS/version identification code
  • Upload all file types from Android

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Android attachment error
  • Fixed back-button Android corner cases
  • Mobile rendering improvements
  • Large screen improvements
  • Channel switcher improvements
  • Channel search improvements
  • Fixed channel selection error when adding team members
  • Fixed multiple activation in team/channel creation
  • Fixed broken channel view after leaving team
  • Team switcher improvements
  • Fixed avatar change not working
  • Fixed input context menu not appearing when spellcheck is unavailable
  • Dialog improvements
  • Autocomplete improvements
  • Fixed devices sort order
  • Fixed About dialogue
  • Scrolling improvements
  • Fixed code injection in Markdown URL parsing
  • Fixed HTML injection in editor mention tag
  • Added page reload mitigation for desktop
  • Confirmation code improvements
  • Update Electron to disable its executable stack
  • Adjusted pattern matching so that display names will be highlighted in a message even when it’s adjacent to a non-word character

Installer Hashes (SHA256):


RPM Linux (x64)2.2.042d5202810fb4f5c143143fe7d9a0736f8469fecf4dab99953a394a9c11b16e9
DEB Linux (x64)2.2.0686c87edee9b06a92bf8b193e2b6a5805e97423a0a67953628b245ded9cf28d9
RPM Linux (x86)2.2.0417194033a257c8925a80a9ded313b8f78860440414b4da99442700505299d1b
DEB Linux (x86)2.2.0a1a420e0f9af76093754ae4b2695e137b919697f81deeb11f4544582b7ab8c42
OS X installer2.2.0c643028e22a3b51cf053452b09ecd89fc17066ffdc62f16c2311469607ea20f3
Windows MSI installer (x64)2.2.05a5a24f5bc650760f560f25094c14ddd2b36a30f8fed1a5a76e26117d2986653
Windows MSI installer (x86)2.2.0fba5cbc2c56e3b2b235e7a89a9c6620b9538857f338a5435ec85e9963f61cf9f