This version of Semaphor completes the transition to the new look and feel with a new icon set and loading screen. We will be nostalgic for the old 8-bit look, but we hope you enjoy the clean design and snappier response of the user interface. The SpiderOak design team continues their stellar work!

Our goal is to make Semaphor user friendly and secure. One of the most vital components in doing this is the feedback we received from Semaphor users. Your feedback, suggestions, and reports make a huge difference to our team. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us through, @SpiderOak on Twitter or on Facebook at

Thanks again for using Semaphor!

New Features:

  • New loading screen
  • New mobile splash screen
  • New application and installer icons
  • Direct Message creation screen improvements
  • Many additional UX/UI improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed text overflows
  • Fixed active search/channel creation icons
  • Fix deselect all in auto-join channels
  • Fix broken redirect to main view after converting your account to LDAP control
  • Fixed mention picker not showing current users
  • Fixed Windows >=8 notifications
  • Fixed scrolling in join requests/channel add flow
  • Added “out-of-date client” as a possible cause for account login failure
  • Fixed user profile display so that it shows the admin badge when you’re the admin of a channel and you access your profile from the channel member list
  • Fix sync stalling with new pause/resume implementation
  • Fixed empty blank space to the right on iPad
  • Changed DM creation to always create a conversation in the team you’re looking at, not the selected team
  • Fixed inability to view complete channel list if top menu is open
  • Re-added no users indicator for channel invite

Installer Hashes (SHA256):

Windows MSI installer (x86) 2.1.0 e3636b8f985642dcbcff86b068fe3f5bfa2a093c18d45cee5c403437c867b9b3
Windows MSI installer (x64) 2.1.0 e400a39bba44546ce61c1d274254bd3a337d77d18ef12d7ed74cf498cf6f5932
Source Tarball 2.1.0 faa6bbcee3a8bf98dca831511d9b0c3db642c1ef241b2e5b070fa562a0bd76fc
RPM Linux (x64) 2.1.0 fe1b7aa19009681e7dc5b6c93c6d21961708ee03995c8b8b650a9cfed30607ef
DEB Linux (x64) 2.1.0 6a10d07a3789168dba8a5b5a1b4692661e0c4102b012b89584655cd3e6954517
OS X installer 2.1.0 47dec2b8a0fec243aa821801ed7431a36af2330d0ab5ce5ccb9347dd74171ee9