Release Notes for 30 October 2013: SpiderOak Orange 5.1.0 (Beta Release 1)

Last updated
  • Auto-Proxy-Support

    • System Proxy Settings (Windows, Linux)
    • Browser Proxy Settings (Windows, Mac)
    • Manual Settings (Windows, Mac, Linux)
    • PAC auto-configuration (Windows, Mac)
    • WPAD auto-detection (Windows)
    • limitations:
      • Proxy bypass list is not yet taken into account when using manual proxy settings either directly in the desktop client or taken from browser configuration.
      • We only support basic authentication with proxies.
      • Fallback proxies as returned by proxy auto config are not used.
  • Faster downloads.

  • Fix bug causing SpiderOak to require a restart after reinstallation.
  • Fix bug causing SpiderOak to show duplicated folders.
  • Fix click-to-maximize on Mac and Windows.
  • Fix bug preventing SpiderOak from updating syncs immediately in some circumstances.
  • Fix bugs in directory-watcher on 64 bit Windows.
  • ~/.config/SpiderOak is now used for configuration data instead of ~/.SpiderOak on Linux.
  • Improved Linux autostart.