Release Notes for 21 June 2013: 5.0.2 (General Release)

Last updated
  • Fix a bug causing uncontrolled growth of application data folder during large downloads.
  • Fix a bug allowing user to set up a sync feedback loop involving the Hive folder.
  • Now removes folder branding when disabling SpiderOak Hive.
  • Fix a bug causing SpiderOak to sometimes launch at OS startup even when that option was disabled.
  • Fix SpiderOak Hive branding on OpenSUSE 12.x.
  • Fix a bug causing SpiderOak to crash on Windows with certain non-English characters in account info.
  • Fix a bug preventing SpiderOak from immediately picking up changes to Hive Folder in some circumstances.
  • Fix a bug causing the OS integration about dialog to crash when SpiderOak is running.
  • Prevent OS integration icon overlays from showing on excluded files/folders.
  • Fix a bug causing sync to fail for filenames containing invalid characters.
  • Ensure Hive Folder branding is set up correctly upon device reinstall.