Release Notes for 19 August 2015: SpiderOakONE 6.0.1

Last updated
  • Improved system-tray icon with smoother animation.
  • The "Scan Now" button has a new progress indicator.
  • The backup activity field on HOME tab shows the "Upload complete" time again.
  • Fix: Fix storage-space display for users with unlimited storage-space.
  • Fix: Button "empty deleted items" didn't work.
  • Fix: UI didn't start for some users with old user accounts without an email address.
  • Fix: Windows: convert old "SpiderOak" autostart setting to new "SpiderOakONE" autostart setting.
  • Fix: Client failed to start with some invalid backup selections.
  • Fix: Windows: The client sometimes opened multiple browser windows.
  • Fix: Windows: Sometimes there was a delay when right clicking on files in Windows Explorer.
  • Several visual improvements.