You hear “privacy” and “security” all the time, and sometimes you find that they’re used interchangeably. What better way to explain the difference between privacy and security by doing a little activity?

First, grab all of your important documents: your IDs, bank statements, credit or debit cards, social security card, health insurance documents, and maybe some of those really embarrassing pictures from your childhood. Then, put them in a glass box and lock it. Now, no one can open the boxbuteveryone can see what you have inside. Your files are secure, but they’re not private.

What were you thinking? Take those out right now and put them in a black box with a lock. Now, no one can see your files and they are both secure and private!

Have you wondered how many of your important files are virtually sitting in a “glass box” right now for the world to see?

At SpiderOak, we bring both concepts together to protect your files. Besides offering you security, we take it one step further by providing you with Zero Knowledge privacy. We can’t see your files, we can’t supply information about you to the NSA, and hackers can’t steal your data.

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