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Zero Knowledge messaging and collaboration tool making waves in the crypto community

San Francisco, CA – July 14, 2016 – SpiderOak, maker of the world’s most trusted online backup solutions, today announced the availability of Semaphor, a new real-time messaging and collaboration application for teams and business who care about privacy. The tool, which offers Zero Knowledge protection for individuals and organizations, is now available for download on multiple platforms including Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Apple MacOS, and several Linux distributions. Thousands of teams have already started using the Early Access version of the software in just the past 30 days.

“We’re not slack on privacy, and neither are our customers. We’ve already received strong interest in Semaphor from both the corporate and crypto communities,” said Mike McCamon, president of SpiderOak. “Encrypted communications can be an integral strategy for protecting corporate communications and a simple way for corporate IT to lower institutional business risk. We have an aggressive release schedule over the coming months that includes a wealth of additional enterprise features, like third-party authentication, content escrow, and simplified team onboarding that will further enhance the experience for our customers.”

"We’re not slack on privacy, and neither are our customers."

Semaphor allows teams to collaborate online, safe in the knowledge that all of their conversations are private and encrypted through SpiderOak’s Zero Knowledge design. By going beyond common end-to-end encryption practices, which only protect the user’s data when it is being transferred between endpoints, Zero Knowledge design strictly limits metadata availability. By ensuring that no information leaves a computer or mobile device until after it is encrypted, and is never decrypted until it is unlocked with keys located on each individuals’ device, neither SpiderOak or even team administrators can access all content sent by Semaphor users.

"Semaphor protects [you] from the type of mass hackings that have unfortunately become the norm in recent years."

“Phishing, password insecurity, and browser vulnerability can make individuals and corporations susceptible to attacks,” said McCamon. “With cryptographically independent conversations, password-less sign up and secure device-to-device provisioning, Semaphor protects the user and the organization from the type of mass hackings that have unfortunately become the norm in recent years.”

The Semaphor client application has reviewable source code available at that allows teams and developers to verify the security and cryptographic techniques used in the application. For additional information on Semaphor’s security features, please visit:

Semaphor is free for download at For only $9 per user per month, teams can have unlimited message history and unlimited channels. Team leaders can alternatively choose a free plan that limits message retention history to only 30 days.

About SpiderOak

SpiderOak gives people control of their data online. The company’s Zero Knowledge privacy cloud solution, SpiderOakONE, and collaboration solution, Semaphor, are designed to be 100% private, innovative, reliable, and affordable for individuals, groups and enterprises. Take control of your privacy with SpiderOak.

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