This release is only for the Linux .rpm and Mac versions of SpiderOak One and SpiderOak Groups. 7.2.0 RPMs were missing their GPG signature due to a change in our build tools. This release fixes the signing error. The Mac versions had an incorrectCFBundleShortVersionString value which this version corrects. We want to thank all of the users who alerted us to these issues and helped us with troubleshooting.

All other platforms, including Windows and non-RPM based Linux distros, should continue to use version 7.2.0 as the current version.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved GPG signing issue on RPM
  • Fixed wrong CFBundleShortVersionString value on macOS

Installer Hashes (SHA256):

SpiderOak One Backup

OS X installer7.2.1fdd04426a3d00d1e084b1e04a183eb148f477844e2dece1ba504c10dd6f314c0
Mac OS X High Sierra7.2.1a6ff9e82a76b614fdf8c145afd448b737a42fc8a373a76e41828e2ec12f98ff2
RPM Linux (x64)7.2.116f5ac1e411de571ffd784d6b765b491af9dfd74fb92b2526bc986b79a4772f4
RPM Linux (x86)7.2.1811d7d8ebe176632dc8da66f23c2f286dca51c60add5004d61868fa5d4491df1

SpiderOak Groups

Mac OS X High Sierra7.2.163338def886c7274ec3f11417a20837b2d3e719386d95d0ea68587b75aff6245
OS X installer7.2.11d14e40871bfdcf8fbea77afec06cceac49aceb773dd8749e00ef5710eeedaf8
RPM Linux (x64)7.2.14d5fac5bbb77e80374adda48f9c1a998e37a76b91a06d2c83bd60d8b36d7da37
RPM Linux (x86)7.2.172a8a6e658c5957e11802f9fd187c462851a3c3361778893e6edc2f7e48c2fc5