Update: As of today, June 15, 2018, the issue with checksums for Linux installers has been resolved. This was not a security problem, rather an issue with how our release widget pushed RC versions to staging. This has now been resolved and will ensure future releases are better automated and streamlined. Kudos to Diego for resolving this! Our download page is serving version 7.2.0 for all platforms now and checksums are provided below.

Note: Today (June 13, 2018) we discovered an error in the way our Linux builds of SpiderOak One were released. This is in the process of being fixed but in the meantime we will be serving v. 7.1.0. Once the issue is resolved we will add new checksums to this page. SpiderOak Groups installers are unaffected.

This release of SpiderOak One and Groups Backup is a testament to the value of teamwork! While we don’t normally share “feel good” stories in the software development world, this one is too good not to share.

A few helpful SpiderOak One users contacted us with information about a fringe bug involving unicode and syncing data across operating systems. We were able to quickly confirm that the bug existed, but recreating was very hard. Roger from our dev team made an experimental build that fixed the issue for some users, but not all. We were temporarily stuck; without a way to recreate the issue any fix we released wouldn’t necessarily work for all users.

Enter Beth from our QA team. She spent some time working with our team of support rockstars and our users, then came up with a series of tests that successfully recreated the bug. With this information Roger was able to fine tune the fix, and today we’re releasing it to all SpiderOak One and SpiderOak Groups users.

This kind of collaboration between users, support, devs, and QA is a perfect illustration of what makes the SpiderOak community great! Your feedback plays a huge role in helping us make SpiderOak One, SpiderOak Groups, and all of our other products the best they can be. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us through support.spideroak.com, @SpiderOak on Twitter or on Facebook at facebook.com/SpiderOak.


  • Add notice for data storage
  • Normalize naming conventions
  • Calculate space usage in a more efficient way

Bug Fixes

  • Fix sync bug where the client reports that it can’t find a journal
  • (Groups only) Fix icons in dashboard for policy enforcement

Installer Hashes (SHA256):

SpiderOak One Backup

Windows MSI installer (x64) 7.2.0 2501bc126b5cd0bf45de9a373f475a97f6e81720218ad9bffec2d3100fe772ef
Windows MSI installer (x86) 7.2.0 20bd8fa72e588bf2e88ca001f180dc7b88a9693e01324c0b3dbf2d467ec9ec11
Mac OS X High Sierra 7.2.0 b283c734665e064db072a694b44594553427a5dbab513472213e5c91fb9e65fc
OS X installer 7.2.0 31d7dacf0805396ac1ec55152c3590bd9f39540db53b92a05422c196139f793a
Slackware Tarball (x64) 7.2.0 2e3a3a2c2f87c8ab65afcf1cd2409402c7d62c356a373647aa737b4b74fc4157
Slackware Tarball (x86) 7.2.0 7994ab510133007de47f7fdbfbe00333f33517f11f6a56f7262349604666cfee
DEB Linux (x86) 7.2.0 434d5b9484bb6b665e9b1ca172420d4d93a52a08490c57fa9bf9866236eb6cfd
DEB Linux (x64) 7.2.0 6d745db2772feefa4ef80e589b8172c6c396c4e2b68fc4d961dac5661baeddd0
RPM Linux (x64) 7.2.0 ef628cbf09495d1c975c2859ce5ee0afba7e8913acfa47e01ce8d35870a0ceb2
RPM Linux (x86) 7.2.0 f91ec973bdac0e5dd87714c4fc1771e11e9d4e788ac886eddc0f36b1268761e8

SpiderOak Groups

Windows MSI installer (x64) 7.2.0 472a6ff1e9b1caf4687ef3ce62aaabab99d5b118714995a975ac84b564164d6a
Windows MSI installer (x86) 7.2.0 3b818001ffb5e4f26ea890e0102418b9f32abedb9f2dc40fff01dce0dd3ad668
Mac OS X High Sierra 7.2.0 15bb4a83e53aded9367eeea177d5d2da10e85871f3e83d9b99d8d6f56070f73b
OS X installer 7.2.0 a3ba0788fa7d69e7738e18f0c5351a831e0a2672dc2591db8e67455d94469373
Slackware Tarball (x64) 7.2.0 10ac669eb7caa51f6768f83f8ab8e777025c79fcaf9a97c428e3e91ad5a9c611
Slackware Tarball (x86) 7.2.0 b0cd96de3bd30aaa016037643296d32244c01efbdd63ccc67b8c40bda31f7bab
DEB Linux (x86) 7.2.0 8f7c10ea12c36ba0218456f98702aaff8bb7a4fc817a72e9836622a7690bd34c
DEB Linux (x64) 7.2.0 9c93f4a2ea4d2c0ca38af4ae61bea56bd7e21ebd235b47fcea5704646cb21e80
RPM Linux (x64) 7.2.0 ab5f43f298da3424129c714d4df16b4ee7e55bd855879bce3da2965e1fdcd7f0
RPM Linux (x86) 7.2.0 23dadf97dd41f9ed095d9845a7aed49bd78ec7e493ec04a002f56fa1c43118cf