One of the things we’ve always been committed to at SpiderOak is support for Linux and usage of One Backup and Groups through the Command Line Interface. Warren from our support team, along with Roger from the dev team, spent months revamping the CLI documentation that ships with One Backup and Groups. For users on headless devices or who rely on the CLI we hope these changes make a big difference in both the amount of information you have about using these applications from the command line, as well as the clarity of the documentation. This has been a labor of love from Warren and Roger! We’re grateful for all of their hard work.

As always, this release includes some other changes and bug fixes that make the apps run smoother and fix issues reported to us by users. Your feedback, suggestions, and reports make a huge difference to our team. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us through, @SpiderOak on Twitter or on Facebook at


  • Command line help improved/updated
  • Manpage improved/updated
  • Backup file/directory deselection behavior improved
  • Update Hive icon branding
  • Restart no longer required when changing size/age file restrictions.

Bug Fixes:

  • Prevent unicode related sync issues
  • Prevent preferences from freezing under certain conditions

Installer Hashes (SHA256):


  • macOS 10.12 (Sierra and under):  5b31c031dfedfe7402b815c4fdbb7f375202d8163a2922dc0be839f9c91ae564
  • macOS 10.13 (High Sierra):  af1de9a9933ee435efb22e401ad4213d578f0487c6db5f97bbbadd3717b4d086
  • RPM (x86):  44d2112d789a1a2f6eb5485e376bc1115704a0fcc8afd556b7c2e88b4156ee08
  • DEB (x86):  6ae7ce907b3060351576fe358c9a0ea7cc2c13cba788d1dcac7627bcded1d6e9
  • Slackware (x86):  668f3b83a974a3877d16c8743c233a427ea0a44ab84b7f9aec19a2995db66c16
  • RPM (x64):  77ebe290eb6f676ff1116226963999d602bbaa077f27e92ee91e06f357bbb2ce
  • DEB (x64):  442ed2b5b33399754bec0e25eb9ba5dcac5c9de365384878e0a18206aba76669
  • Slackware (x64):  a88e5a8fe4a565ac500668bd53cf5784752d7c9253304ddce39ee7b01d078533
  • EXE (x86):  97abda1c2bc08ab0b4a0eeb6821415bd44989af58120a4bc04a7164515acc3ea
  • MSI (x86):  cb795c2d56ba90cd1c71c8a8e54f0b99d324f24b334fdf56c40b8cd94e3f2b78
  • EXE (x64):  2bad2e0f1a9337a434cb67757e8d6690a6dd13171173e1196edb8ee3b73b1c78
  • MSI (x64):  197f9069bc117f9dfd1416eb9b28170a0e78dfc2955aea31ba520ef98ab9b6e1
  • macOS 10.12 (Sierra and under):  6114952556519d479e2c6ecc5088154aa536b9ee72ccc0c4d1052db9842a62ce
  • macOS 10.13 (High Sierra):  6309bedfb0a5171f97896744b498b3067ea273f03ae5b50295381c9f029bd04a
  • RPM (x86):  28b7dd57dc83d91c7086893a6f0677b999dcc6b132ce93698793063d5992431a
  • DEB (x86):  f55f67411e33bac03c893a94653c4d4ed46e3be77257216c2a2244c11ac725b9
  • Slackware (x86):  13bc545370962f45f9f6be4ad4377738c8e8818c2ff335f64b4335fd6ae723a7
  • RPM (x64):  8a9efc5c7c3f12798cfdb688c3a29d5953a6718229d9dcc1c99c0f246ee2bff1
  • DEB (x64):  81220bb9ea7999f0740a44898db68c70783519a1460f2fc1046fa6d671dd888a
  • Slackware (x64):  55d9681edfe02ece803bb283e9c06882837c0c42df1661ccb0dbb75e5ce67cda
  • EXE (x86):  642cfdc80fe0f804e4dac3f0ffe588f654670bc624f57c112ac0df8aa5a82361
  • MSI (x86):  5e074491848633e5360c4660c1491113121a11218971a129fdfbb7aebcc0d7cc
  • EXE (x64):  c9171dd6222a890b570abea135c9079c6f1d013f6112bfc896b51e7262a99f4c
  • MSI (x64):  ff1fbb7d44698082884db4c4fba506c563e0ede8f6e18f428fea18d2bf29f786