All kinds of things take place at SXSW. From music concerts, to meetups, to speeches. The topics of conversations also vary — from technology to music.

But there was a very consistent conversation this year throughout the event: encryption. Should it be controlled? Are backdoors a good idea? Why should I care about privacy?

We were there — and had the opportunity to tell others why privacy matters. In 2017, we want to continue that conversation with our two proposed panels:

You Can’t Do This Online: Encryption has gotten a bad rap, but it’s one of the best tools we have to protect our corporate, personal and organizational assets. More and more organizations are storing data in the cloud, and more and more data is being lost through espionage, error and criminal activity. This session will explore tools and services that are designed protect your important information. Vote Now

Practical Encryption Techniques: Learn from our Co-Founder and CEO Alan Fairless how to build an encrypted application that people will love. Start with your threat model and move deeper into specific encryption techniques. To top it off, discuss why user-centered design is key to making a great product. Vote Now

Help us continue the conversation by voting for these panels. Be sure to share it on social media to let your friends know about it. Every vote will get us closer to our goal.