Happy World Backup Day: Why We Love Our Customers

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As anyone who’s ever worked a customer service job will tell you, working with people is not always a joy. That’s why I feel so lucky that most of the customers at SpiderOak really are great to work with.

That’s right, dear readers: YOU are awesome customers!

March 31 is World Backup Day, so we thought we'd tell you why we consider ourselves so lucky:


SpiderOak has always attracted a pretty tech-savvy clientele, probably because we’re obviously a company of geeks ourselves. A lot of our users are programmers or IT professionals who obviously know their way around a piece of software. Some of these amazing people even troubleshoot and solve their problems themselves, then send me the solution. That’s right: THEY DO MY JOB FOR ME. Customers don’t get much better than that!

Even when our customers aren’t tech-savvy, they tend to be really good at troubleshooting and explaining their problems. They don’t just write, “It's broke, now fix it.” They take the time to explain what happened in (sometimes excruciating) detail. One customer actually went so far as to write me a 12-page color-coded PDF with suggestions for improving the graphics on our software!


Most customers don’t bother with any frills, they just explain what’s going wrong and wait for a fix. But not SpiderOakers. You guys woo us with your wit and your fancy vernacular. I can’t begin to include all my favorite customer correspondence, but I’ll try to give you a sampling.

  • The geek references: “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope!”
  • The brutal honesty: "Thank you for your help even if it does not help."
  • Sheer poetry: “Thank you for the excellent customer service in keeping me appropriately abreast of the pertinent developments as they pertain to this issue!”
  • And my personal all time favorite: Email 1: HELP I HAVE LOST PW. Email 2: NEVER MIND I GOT DRUNK AND REMEMBERED IT THX.

Backing up your files is obviously pretty important, and it can be correspondingly stressful when something goes wrong with your backup software. As much as we try to help everyone quickly and efficiently, we at customer support are only human and occasionally make mistakes.

In spite of this, SpiderOak users are overwhelmingly patient, polite, and understanding. When we resolve an issue, they take the time to thank us. For the most part, SpiderOak users treat us like what we are: not machines, not serfs, but fellow humans doing our best to help them out.

Nothing makes or breaks a customer service job more than the customers we work with. So to all our kind customers (you know who you are):

Sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being awesome.