I don’t know about you, but in my entire day, I probably only check my files and folders 10 percent of the time. The other 90 percent is spent checking my emails, IRC channels, social media timelines, and other tools where I collaborate with co-workers.

All of a sudden, the world of files and folders shrunk. We used to save documents, pictures, audio, and other things in folders, then drag and drop into a USB and share it with friends. Then we started sharing things with our friends via email (or emailing things to ourselves). Now, access to the cloud has allowed us to back up our data outside of our computers.

But it’s no longer enough. Life as we know it online quietly shifted into the world of timelines and real-time status updates.

Did you notice that?

We at SpiderOak have noticed this shift. We live our lives in the timeline. Our world has shifted to real-time statuses. This has affected the way we store and share our files.

While it doesn’t threaten the future of backup, it does diminish its relevance in our daily work. This shift will result in various software companies trying to figure out how to be players in this space.

It makes us wonder: are timelines here to stay? Will a better way to work replace them in the near future?