10 years of privacy

What were you doing in 2006? Ten years ago, social media was a new phenomena, YouTube was getting some traction, big data was taking over, and everyone was getting more comfortable with putting their lives and personal information online.

That’s when we decided to do the opposite. We created SpiderOak to provide a private place in the cloud, to store and protect all of the digital possessions you cared about most.

SpiderOak was the first to offer a commercial online backup service for the Linux and Mac operating systems, and the first service on any platform to offer backup of multiple computers, and unlimited retention of deleted items and historical versions of files.

SpiderOak was (as far as I know) the first company to commercially use the term No Knowledge to help explain the benefits of end-to-end encryption to customers. Our most important design choice was that you alone held the the keys to your encrypted data. We built SpiderOak with privacy from day one.

In 2006, detractors said the first time a paying customer forgot their password and wrote a blog post about how they could not recover their encrypted data, we would go out of business. Instead the opposite happened: customers embraced personal responsibility in exchange for privacy guarantees. Now this has become a simple and popular way end users can evaluate the encryption of online services.

Thanks to you, we are now able to celebrate our 10th birthday. Our backup product SpiderOakONE is still evolving, but this year, we are becoming even more – a privacy company. With the introduction of Kloak we provided a social media alternative that would protect users from data mining. We also knew that storing passwords safely is important, so we released Encryptr. And because we know that real-time collaboration is essential for businesses and organizations, we will be launching Semaphor to protect your ideas that matter.

While the last 10 years were a pretty valuable learning process, we are looking forward to the future ahead. This year in particular will be pretty exciting, because we are no longer just a backup company; we are a privacy company and will continue to provide solutions to protect our supporters online.

Thank you for helping us reach this important milestone,

– The SpiderOak Team