About SpiderOak

We want to change the world, and we’ve already done it once. SpiderOak has been building encrypted software since before the first iPhone was released.

SpiderOak is committed to building secure and reliable software that protects our customers’ data. Our approach is fundamentally different from most mainstream security companies. Instead of adding layers of security on top of an insecure system, we build software that is inherently secure.

How are we different?

SpiderOak builds need-to-know technology that supports customers working in hostile environments. Traditional systems trust IT infrastructure to maintain the whole security system, even though the news is rife with evidence that this model does not work. Our software combines end to end encryption with a distributed ledger (aka Blockchain) technology to offer best-in-class security with no backdoors.

The Distributed Ledger, SpiderOak Model

A distributed ledger approach can provide compartmentalization of data that does not suffer from a single point of failure and is both fast and cost-effective. Compartments are defined using an irrefutable distributed ledger, enabling complete confidence in who is allowed to participate. Once the list of allowed users is defined, it becomes easy for those parties to negotiate shared encryption keys to secure the data being collaborated on.

Our approach allows for the instant provisioning of cryptographically secure collaboration spaces for use in scenarios where certainty about who has access to that space is a mission requirement.

Your areas of focus

Domain expertise on major HR areas (full talent wheel) in change management, human resources (HR) strategy, culture, talent management, employee experience, employer branding, talent acquisition, onboarding, compensation, people analytics, diversity and inclusion. You will lead all human resource functions, talent management and development.

Strategic / HR Planning: Develop and maintain an ongoing SpiderOak HR strategy. Manage hiring and develop employer branding, aligned with market business strategy and global objectives.

Human Capital Effectiveness: Monitor SpiderOak organizational effectiveness.

Employee Relations: Oversees all employee relations, plan and implement change.

Employer Branding: As defined above, including mission and vision, outreach and measurement. Help create employer branding and overall in-house branding.

KPI development and reporting: Define and report on key metrics associated with area of responsibility, with an eye to driving continuous improvement and high levels of performance.

About you – What do we need?

We found our product market fit; now we need to get the organization ready for growth. Your role is key to helping us scale smoothly and find people who want to change the world. We’ve invented and developed our product with a small team, but now we need to transition into operations and growth.

You will be an advisor executive team, the board and the senior leadership team.

You can:

  • translate business requirements into human resource, talent management answers
  • handle and manage modern talent wheel topics and be responsible for implementing culture, diversity,
  • performance and change initiatives.
  • work in a highly ambiguous environment and problem-solve
  • understand and operate based on agile management prioritization
  • handle confidential information as indicated by past performance

An ideal candidate will be naturally curious with an aptitude for learning new concepts quickly. This role requires strong self-awareness, judgement, and focus. Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, including strong writing and speaking skills are crucial to succeed in this role.


  • Minimum 5 Years Experience working in high-growth technology organizations.
  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • Experience working in an intelligence and/or defense community, including risk assessment, compliance and laws.
  • Remote will be considered with preference to Kansas City, Chicago, and Washington DC areas.

Note: We are considering a hire that will have Top Secret (TS) with SCI and an active Polygraph. We are creating a new subsidiary company to operate in the government sector and will need to hire and scale this company with cleared personnel. Given the nature of our work, candidates must be US Citizens residing in the United States.

Want to save the world?

Email your resume and cover letter
to jobs@spideroak-inc.com.